details of the day #25

Thursday, 26 June 2014

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I wake up in a panic, having not decided what to wear for work the night before - I don't normally, but photoshoot + launch party = dilemma / I decide on the above, get ready and greet the kitties / I walk the two miles to work, grab a box of goodies for photography, hop in a taxi and spend the morning at a studio, assisting in the imagery for the next issue / I enjoy my daily work lunch with Katy and, after popping on a pair of nude nights, we leave the office at 4 to go to St Pancras for a sewing machine launch party, which was great fun / we have a much-needed McDonald's on the train home and a good ol' natter, and I end up getting in at about 11:30 / After some necessities (showering, changing the cats' litter tray (yay) and sorting my life out) I get into bed to await Daniel's return / he works late a lot, so we end up nattering until 2:00am and, undoubtedly, I'm shattered the next day.

song of the day: Count Me In by Early Winters

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