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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

 photo 3-2_zpsd169ddf1.jpg  photo 2-2_zpsee77b6c5.jpg
black cropped jumper: H&M
grey tee: H&M
black & white velvet treggings: Topshop
gold glitter clutch bag: New Look sale
bottle green velvet turban: c/o Beauxoxo
spike bracelet: Dorothy Perkins

I'm completely in love with my new green velvet turban that the lovely Georgie from Beauxoxo kindly bestowed upon me. I met her at The Clothes Show last month and her stand was chock full of sparkly, wondrous beauties. She makes and sells flower crowns, garlands and headbands as well as hair bows, hair jewellery, headscarves, knitted headbands, butterfly clips, turbans (of course) and adorable sparkly bows to name a few. The brand was even featured in this month's Company magazine!

I feel like the turban and my new (and totally tacky) sparkly gold bag from New Look add little touches of opulence to an otherwise casual outfit, which makes me happy.

Have you fallen in love with anything pretty lately?

sunday catch-up #4

Sunday, 27 January 2013

 photo LifeUpdate1_zps5c3ac87a.png  photo LifeUpdate2_zpsf197b20a.png

Walking around untouched private fishing lakes in thick snow, drinks with friends and spending an evening with the girls booking a holiday to Florence which turned into a holiday to Marrakech... the last two weeks have been pretty darn good. I've also:

- eaten a MaltEaster bunny (okay, maybe more than one) and know why I won't be losing any weight until after April
- have attempted an up-do which is pretty unheard of for me
- eaten out
- got given a charity shop find by my mum; the dress is something I'd never have chosen for myself but it looks swish on!
- adored my new graphic floral rug
- tried to make Daniel laugh for some professional photographs 
- watched the Australian Open; was gutted for Andy Murray in the final but it was such a good match

How have you spent your time lately?

details of the day #20

Thursday, 24 January 2013

 photo 20_zps75dcbedd.jpg

wake up feeling rather groggy after a night out but down a litre of water and get on with my life / managed one slice of peanut butter on toast / work away whilst listening to thLes Misérables soundtrack, Joy Division and Kate Nash; a somewhat odd mix / get persuaded (with ease) to go to Pizza Hut for dinner / eat far too much and love every second of it / chill out with Daniel by watching countless YouTube bloopers and some Torchwood - oh, what have I become?

what should I put in my bag?

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

 photo WhatshouldIputinmybag_zpse7f8943c.jpg

There are the oh-so-popular 'What's in my bag?' posts and - while I haven't done one myself for being a bit of a chop-and-changer - I really quite like them. As an alternative, I'm asking you 'What should I put in my bag?'

I bought the above necklace-cum-bag in the ASOS sale last month and love adding it to outfits for a quirky finish. The only thing I keep thinking is... if it's a bag, shouldn't I put something in it? I've come up with a few ideas but would love to hear your thoughts. All suggestions are welcome, barring crazy ones of course i.e. an elephant. It won't fit.

he filled my days with endless wonder

Monday, 21 January 2013

 photo SnowStyle_zps54093aa1.jpg
  photo SnowStyle4_zps947451ac.jpg  photo SnowStyle3_zps31f92adb.jpg  photo SnowStyle2_zpsdc7b4a23.jpg
khaki dungarees: charity shop
cream jumper: Topshop
leggings: Topshop
oversized Aztec print scarf: Urban Outfitters sale
dreamcatcher necklace: Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park
velvet burgundy boots: H&M

I was finally blessed with snow! Although most aren't seeing it as a blessing, it seems. I personally love snow. And I'm not just saying that because I'm lucky enough to work from home so don't have to deal with much travel - I once stayed overnight in a car because of snow and that was no walk in the park.

I'm finding that so long as I have this humongous scarf with me at all times, the snow's rather manageable. And it's completely pretty of course.

brat & suzie

Thursday, 17 January 2013

I've been a fan of Brat & Suzie for a while and even more so after seeing their stand at The Clothes Show last month. Everything is just too cute for words. The latest collection - 'Carousel Dreams' - is available exclusively at ASOS and I'd be quite happy to own it all, please and thank you.

These three pieces are my absolute favourites though...




Are you a fan of Brat & Suzie?

boo boo fluff

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Photobucket Photobucket 

MUA Fur-Effect Nails in 'Boo Boo Fluff': Superdrug
No7 Speed Dry Nail Colour in 'Poolside Blue': Boots (similar here)

Furry nails... I went there. Well actually I just stuck with an accent nail (the middle one) so as not to cause even more mess. It was the name that did it - Boo Boo Fluff. Is there anything better in the world?

It's totally weird and perhaps not as furry as I'd imagined but it's fun nonetheless. After your second coat of polish - and while it's still wet - dip your finger into the fur. Done. Obviously it was a little hard to capture on camera but just imagine a skinny blue cat with hair that's falling out... wow, I'm really selling this aren't I?

The moral of this story: MUA Fur-Effect Nails is great for shits and giggles, and will probably make for interesting pub conversation.

my time, you took it all

Monday, 14 January 2013

Photobucket Photobucket
black blouse: Primark
high-waisted denim shorts: New Look
studded tights: Primark
pearl bow necklace: present (Accessorize)
ankle boot creepers: Mr Shoes

Alas, no snow-covered ground. I quite like doing outfit posts in the snow because they create such a lovely quality - see this one from last year. Instead, I'll just have to be patient. Or, better yet, try pulling in summer with a hefty rope.

Onto the outfit... I'm pretty fond of my new studded tights, although I wish the studs wouldn't finish at a weird place above the ankle - would look even odder with a pair of pumps, no? I think they'd look fab on a night out though. And I don't know why this necklace doesn't get much wear because I love how it doubles as a bow-tie, almost.

Are you finding yourself re-loving any items lately?

small haul

Friday, 11 January 2013

So. I did it. I've made a second video for Carelessly Cut - the last one being my goodbye video before I went to South East Asia well over a year ago. It is something I'd like to do every now and then, so I thought I'd set sail with a little haul video...

I apologise for the shoddy quality!

summer lovin'

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Chain Head Piece: Beauxoxo
Little Edie Lennon Sweater: Wildfox Couture

Can it not be summer already? Christmas was lovely jubbly and all but once we've had an impressive flurry of snow (next week apparently?) I am ready ready ready for warmer weather. I guess it doesn't help that all the shops are getting an influx of spring/summer 2013 clothing already, making me one rather impatient little lady.

I'd like everything above to be mine soon, please and thank you.

no light, no light

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket 

black tassel top: ASOS sale
black faux leather shorts: Jane Norman @ Debenhams
spike bracelet: Dorothy Perkins
crosses anklet: Topshop
black & white boyfriend cardigan: Primark
black Chelsea boots: vintage

Jeez, I cannot wait to get a tripod sorted. I was all 'blue skies, blue skies!' but, of course, the sunlight doesn't actually hit my garden in winter. Anyway, I hope you get the gist of my all-black outfit which I sort of really love. 

One of these days, I'm totally going to imitate that goddess of a statue and put her right next to me for you guys. And yes, I will be stark naked. Jokes - the diet's not going that well yet.

details of the day #19

Monday, 7 January 2013


wake up still feeling tired (I took Daniel to Cardiff for the weekend for his birthday) / unpack and sort myself out / I kick-start my 'healthy lifestyle' diet today because I am a) overweight and b) unhappy about it / work away like a busy little bee / continuously drink water and green tea, so continuously go to pee / go for a quick 2-mile walk with mumma / continue working like a busy little bee / have a lovely mini roast dinner / find and read oodles of blogs.

Who knows what the rest of the evening will hold for me? Maybe I'll live on the edge and stick an episode of Friends on.

2012 In 12 Pictures Challenge

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Normally I'm a little blasé when it comes to the beginning of a new year. I'm one of those 'oh, no one sticks to resolutions anyway' and 'it's just numbers changing' kind of people. And I'm sure you've heard this before but 2013 is actually going to be a different story. I have numerous resolutions, have many items on my to-do list and will strive to increase my accomplishments. 

With that in mind, I thought that Robyn's '2012 In 12 Pictures Challenge' was the perfect way for me to see out 2012. It was a wonderful year, but I know that the next is going to be far more wonderful-er-rer-rer.

12:30am on New Year's Day: I got myself a boyfriend named Daniel.

Without going mush overload on you, I had the most romantic evening on Valentine's Day with said boyfriend.

We had a week away in Center Parcs.

I left Boots for good.

I went to Southend Air Show: it was sweaty (as you can see) and loud and super fun.

Daniel bought me a new camera for my 22nd birthday and we took a day trip to Brighton.

My brother George and I drove to Devon to surprise my sister for her birthday because we hadn't seen her for MONTHS.

This was a particularly special moment: Ben Howard at V Festival in Chelmsford.

It felt like the UK hadn't been blessed with much of a summer, so kayaking in West Mersea in beautifully warm weather in September was blissful.

Many an evening was spent at the pub: here I am getting rather irate at the fact that I can't blow bubbles.

I saw a huge bonfire and amazing fireworks in Danbury with Daniel.

I had a really relaxing Christmas where doing nothing was exceptionally tiring.