the New Forest

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

 photo CNV00008_zps56a28140.jpg

The weekend before last was spent in the New Forest - Sandy Balls to be precise. And yes, that's a real place. It was my third visit and we always go at this time of year. My favourite and least favourite part of the trip was the traditional bike ride, which saw us tackle a hilly fifteen miles. Take a look at the sights, which includes wild horses trundling past, donkeys, swans, and gorgeous views...

 photo Yeah_zpsb1616dc9.jpg  photo CNV00020_zpsfc827bb8.jpg  photo CNV00013_zpsd4a4abfe.jpg  photo CNV00010_zps802ce4a3.jpg  photo CNV00006_zps6d3a98fb.jpg  photo YeahYeah_zps68f70cdc.jpg  photo CNV00014_zpsfcd16912.jpg  photo CNV00003_zps32b8affc.jpg  photo CNV00004_zps6b3673b7.jpg  photo CNV00016_zps2ed8cd9e.jpg  photo CNV00012_zpse4fbec8a.jpg

Have you been on a wonderful British holiday recently?


  1. oh gosh, I am so in love in those pictures as well as the place - loving lake/ trees shots!

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  2. I live in the New Forest and it's so gorgeous xxx

  3. Beautiful photographs! I used to live near the New Forest, it's such a stunning place <3

    Jennie xo |

  4. So close to where I live! Sandy Balls always generates lols. 15 mile bike ride is no joke though! :) xo

  5. love the colouring of these photos, what camera did you take them with? they look like they've come out of an LC-A to me (though obviously i could be wrong)

    little henry lee

  6. Beautiful pics! Looks like you a very good time.


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