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Sunday, 25 August 2013

 photo IMG_1090edit_zps345d5194.jpg  photo IMG_1098edit_zps58e4c560.jpg  photo IMG_1101edit_zps81afde70.jpg
H&M cat print dress
H&M above-the-knuckle rings
Forever 21 cat ring
Tesco cowboy boots

Ever since I bought this dress, it's been worn on a weekly basis. I frickin' love it. Always paired with my cat ring for continuity purposes, it'll tide me over until I get my own cat once more. The boots were purchased on a whim on Friday but I know they'll get lots of wear too.

I'm off to London any second to celebrate my friend's birthday, and I honestly can't wait. We're heading to Roadhouse in Covent Garden - of which I've never been to - and the plan is cocktails, cocktails, cocktails.

Do you have any bank holiday weekend plans?


  1. MEOW! Love that dress :) Also love the globe decoration on your wall - so cool xxx

  2. I was going to buy that dress and then I opted for a skirt at the last minute. You've definitely made me regret not buying it, you look so pretty in it :D Also, how amazing is your wall? wow

    Ruth x


  3. oh, i have a skirt with the same print, isn't it cute?
    you look pretty <3

    weirdoland - pigeongray.blogspot.com


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