Primark haul: August 2013

Sunday, 18 August 2013

 photo Primark3_zpsa052bcd7.jpg  photo Primark2_zps37631930.jpg  photo Primark4_zpsac13f8aa.jpg  photo Primark1_zps8de027d9.jpg
floral print smock dress: £13
Navajo-inspired statement necklace: £5
Popcorn socks: £2
Slipper socks: £3
Raglan top: £5
Live Laugh Love cushion: £4
Sweet berries & patchouli scented candle: £2
Double duvet cover set: £7 (sale)

When I say that I had a traumatic experience in Primark, my best friend would understand. Plenty of "umphs" and "grrrs" were uttered and the odd rude expression might have inexplicably come out too. In short, I tried on about 15 seriously pretty dresses only to find their fit absolutely horrid. As well as being devastated - I don't think Primark clothing is made for women with any sort of chest - I also struggled to get the darn things off. All fun and games.

Despite this, I did come away with some finds. The one dress that looked semi-decent just happened to be my favourite print so that was a blessing, and the £5 necklace is so beautiful. I also couldn't resist some items from the home department, and the cosy socks and slippers were last minute treats.

Have you found anything pretty in Primark lately?


  1. I have average sized breats and I swear every dress in tere just won't go over them! And I always get then stuck haha amy x

  2. I find their dresses do come up small so I usually go up a size but saying that I do have no chest! Some lovely pieces x

  3. Haha I definitely have the same reaction to Primark, go in with the best of intentions and come out feeling angry and swearing that I'll never go back!
    Love the floral dress though, will have to have a look for it next time I'm shopping. x

  4. Love that dress, it looks so pretty! I always find Primark to be very hit and miss, the things we go through for a bargain hey?! Ha ha :) xx

  5. Ahh lovely haul :) How gorgeous is that dress and necklace :D

    Ruth x


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