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Thursday, 25 July 2013

 photo Studio88Necklaces_zpsb3b212fc.jpg

I treated myself to some new jewellery at the weekend. Studio 88 have got so many fab pieces making my decision far from easy, but I opted for the A-Mie Slice Necklace and the one-of-a-kind Cit-Mine Necklace which is now, of course, sold out. Soz.

I also ordered the Peace Charmin' Ring because it was a mere £1.50! Beautiful.

I can't wait to wear everything; in fact, I've loaded both necklaces on already because they're just too darn pretty to resist.

Have you ever checked out Studio 88?


  1. I havent heard of it nor shop there but their pieces are gorgeous so will sure visit and buy some next time I get rich! :)

  2. Gutted you got that agate one, it is beautiful! Never heard of Studio 88 but am off for a look now :) x


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