smock o'clock

Monday, 29 July 2013

 photo SmockOClock_zps3c113686.jpg

I am so ridiculously happy to own these three ASOS dresses that I have, in fact, come to the conclusion that I'm a little bit sad. But they're bloody beautiful. So being a loser is okay.

The white Aztec smock dress is just £12.50 in the sale - totally regretting not getting the blue version too of course - and I couldn't deny myself the River Island number. The floral print smock dress with the beautiful pops of bright green might just be my favourite, but who could decide? Really?

Now if you would please give me a moment, I'm going to go and cuddle all three...

every time I think of you it all begins

Sunday, 28 July 2013

 photo IMG_0882_zpsd0786814.jpg  photo IMG_0892_zps141b3214.jpg  photo IMG_0893_zps88f314c4.jpg
floral print summer dress: Topshop sale
mint cardigan: H&M
tan embossed bag: Primark
agate necklace: Studio 88
moccasins: H&M

I seem to have sprouted a tree out of my shoulder. Awkward.

With the arrival of this gorgeous hot weather we've been having, I've come to the horrible realisation that I own hardly any dresses. Before the move to Colchester, I sold a helluva lot of stuff at a car boot sale - all well and good until you realise your wardrobe stock is truly lacking. So I've been a little naughty lately with ASOS... more on that later.

This dress is my current favourite to fling on when I'm at home or off out for a walk into town. It's just too hot for anything else, isn't it?

studio 88 buys

Thursday, 25 July 2013

 photo Studio88Necklaces_zpsb3b212fc.jpg

I treated myself to some new jewellery at the weekend. Studio 88 have got so many fab pieces making my decision far from easy, but I opted for the A-Mie Slice Necklace and the one-of-a-kind Cit-Mine Necklace which is now, of course, sold out. Soz.

I also ordered the Peace Charmin' Ring because it was a mere £1.50! Beautiful.

I can't wait to wear everything; in fact, I've loaded both necklaces on already because they're just too darn pretty to resist.

Have you ever checked out Studio 88?

flowers & a Hamsa hand

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

 photo 1_zpsec0e2c34.jpg  photo 2_zps39f82eb5.jpg

This b-e-a-utiful flower crown is from Primark and cost a mere £2. Sold.

The Hamsa hand necklace was a birthday present from work. The beauties also got me a spa voucher and two delicious cupcakes - they know me well.

Also mine recently is the You Go Glen Coco t-shirt from These Folk, which Daniel got me for my birthday after I went on and on about it. Happy.

Have you bought/got anything exciting lately?