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Thursday, 27 June 2013

I've lost all kinds of inspiration when it comes to Carelessly Cut. But I miss it so much. My plan is to sort myself out next week and, in the meantime, I'm finding motivation in a tie-dyed Drew Barrymore: perhaps my ultimate fashion idol.

If you're wondering what on earth I'm up to, this weekend sees me enjoy Colchester's famous food and drink festival with lots of mine and Daniel's family as an early birthday get-together. On Sunday - my actual birthday - Daniel and I are off to Thorpe Park! I haven't rollercoaster-ed it up in an age, so I'm pretty darn excited.

How is everyone?


  1. Ah I used to have this snap on my design folder at school - love it! x

  2. Oh man, Drew Barrymore- I LOVE HER

    Katrina Sophia from The Young Bridget Jones


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