details of the day #22

Thursday, 6 June 2013

 photo 22_zpsf296222a.jpg

Despite loving my new job ON TWO MAGAZINES, I wake up in my new flat (!) with a grumble and long for more zzz's / I spur myself on by pairing jazzy new boots (from Glamorous) with my outfit / I meet my going-to-work buddy Holly and we natter as per usual, basking in the glorious sunshine / the working day is a good'un: I get lots done, get given a free Calippo, enjoy a walk to Tesco on my lunch break and find out I'm going to London Jewellery Week next Friday.

And now I'm here, writing this post. I don't have any firm plans for this evening but it's definitely going to include food and a big smile for Daniel when he gets home.

song(s) of the day: The Great Gatsby soundtrack, namely this one


  1. oh new flat sounds awesome! :D

  2. Those boots are beauuutiful, I want a pair!
    Can't beat a Calippo in the sunshine - even better if it's free! x

  3. Wow you job sounds pretty great :)) Two magazines..? Top on the first pic seem really sweet by the way. And I loved Great Gatsby, better get myself the soundtrack too.

    Thanks for stopping by ! xx Just got my dip dyed items from Love, and I do hope to be able to photograph & style them soon. :)

    Indie by heart

  4. HAHA and now I wrote that last piece of comment to wrong comment box ! Woops :) Shouldn't have multiple pages open, hehe. Sorry ! x

  5. very snazzy those boots! your new job sounds pretty cool x

  6. Oh I love your boots! Hope you're loving your new job x

  7. Love your shoes so pretty and good luck in the new job x

  8. I love your boots!! so nearly bought a pair like that for myself

    ordaining serendipity


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