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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

 photo 1-3_zpsc267f19e.jpg
 photo 4-2_zpsdf63959a.jpg
glittery gold top: charity shop
flippy velvet skirt: River Island
neon green spike necklace: New Look
spike bracelet: Dorothy Perkins
leopard print peep-toe flats: F&F at Tesco

Well hello there you beautiful sunshine you. Despite my weather app telling me it was -4 this morning, I found myself frolicking about outside for an age without a coat or jacket or any kind of sensible layer - yay! The wonders of some rays, I tell you.

So this is my new - and very much unintended - hair colour. Here's the story: I wanted to dye my hair a slightly darker shade of blonde, the product was faulty and it turned out a horrid reddy-brown that wasn't pleasant, then followed plenty of tears and an aggravated email to John Frieda and a trip to Tesco to buy Colour B4... some stripping (oi oi) and a fresh coat of blonde later, this is my hair colour. After a couple of washes it's definitely warming on me but I plan to use some tried-and-tested techniques to lighten it up a little before Marrakech - which includes using John Frieda Go Blonder products, ironically.

This traumatic event took place on Friday and a night out on Saturday turned out to be tearful too for a variety of reasons including my newly smashed-up iPhone. Oh joy. But it's a new week and the sun is shining. Surely nothing can go wrong now?


  1. Your hair looks lovely!! I love the velvet skirt xx

  2. Love the skirt :) but can't see the necklace properly :( Ne hair is great!

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    And also my latest outfitr post feat a contrast sleeve leather jacket

    Thanks! Charlie xx

  3. Gorgeous top! I love your hair too, although I would not have been impressed with that dye! I recently dyed mine a medium brown which went full on black, thankfully now it's faded a bit and has grown on me! At home dyes are so rubbish! xo

  4. I love your new hair color!
    So fresh and girly c: Love
    your look as well!


  5. oh dear, your hair looks lovely now! Love the all black outfit here, that skirt is so pretty xx

  6. I love the details on your skirt. xx

  7. chunky knit and velvet - my kind of outfit x

  8. You look lovely, such a great combo! x

  9. I thought your hair looked flawless before I read about your hair dye ordeal, thank goodness it turned out well. Dye can be such an ordeal! xo

  10. I Love You Knit Jumper
    Cute Look!

    I would appreciate it if you take some time out and visit my blog
    Claudia. xx

  11. Love this outfit so much and your hair looks gorgeous!xx

  12. Your hair looks amazing! I love the color AND cut of it.

    I like that you played with textures in this black ensemble, makes it extra fun :)

    Ava Tallulah

  13. Aw! You look so lovely!
    I really love this outfit!


  14. love the textures in this outfit!! all black outfits are just the best!! x

  15. love this outfit and your hair looks lovely :-)

    Francesca xo

  16. cute outfit, love you ballerinas!

  17. Such a cute outfit! I think your hair looks lovely xo

  18. You look great! Very pretty jumper x

  19. Great outfit - love the skirt :) x

  20. so cute, love your hair too! x


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