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Friday, 22 February 2013

 photo MarrakechSuitcase_zpsf467f7ca.png

This is completely childish and I had the most fun doing it. When I was younger, I used to draw a massive suitcase and everything I'd pack inside it for a looming holiday. It was far better than my other way of preparing or getting excited. One year I went into the loft and my parents asked what on earth I was doing - I replied that I was getting my suitcase "of course" and they told me that four weeks ahead of the flight was a little premature. 

I go to Marrakech in precisely 17 days and this is what I plan on taking. I'm sure more will find itself packed when the process actually begins - I'm certainly not a fan of 'packing light' - but I must remember to keep some space for all the treasures I'm sure to find in the markets out there.

Did you ever do anything like this when you were younger? Are you going anywhere lovely this year?


  1. Ahh, this is such a cute idea! I'm definitely going to do it if I ever actually go on holiday again (it's been five years in March, *sob*) xo

  2. So lovely! You have a really great blog, following you!
    x Hannah

  3. so jealous of you going here, cool idea too!

  4. This is such a cute post. I love your drawing. I'd love to go to Marrakech one day.

    I never drew my holiday items out, but I did used to make list and then doodle a few images around it, so that kind of counts I guess? I used to make a list of everything and if my hand writing weren't neat enough from the top of the list, right down to the bottom, I would start it all again. I'm a bit of a weirdo like that. I also used to write out each item in a different colour too, but ONLY in a rainbow order.

    Ooh and I'm going to Ilfracombe with my boyfriend soon (such a pretty place), Spain and then maybe Crete or Corfu with my buddies (might squeeze in a festival too if my bank balance allows it).

    Enjoy yourself and have a great time!

    Daniela (new fan)


  5. Cute packing list ;) Aww, your destination sounds amazing. I've never been to anywhere exotic or outside Europe.. I hope and know you'll have the time of your life there!

    Thanks for the comment you placed on my blog some time ago already. I'm so glad I finally got to visit you back - your blog is just so adorable ! :> I hope you stop by again sometime / we could stay connected. Have a lovely weekend! x

    Indie by heart
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  6. I love your packing list, such a cute idea. 17 days and the countdown is on, I have 7 days till I go to Phuket so my countdown is also on. Have a fantastic trip.

  7. This is such a cute idea! I've never done this but after I've seen this I wish I had! Brilliant!

    Samma x

  8. you're going to marakesh? thats soooo awesome. i will go to sweden this summer and i can't wait and i will probably be in london in fall.

  9. it's very cute and funny, nice hobby

  10. That's adorable! Oh I really want to go on holiday now! :( xo

  11. THE cutest packing list ever!



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