details of the day #21

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

 photo 21_zps85794fec.jpg

I complete the usual morning routine of getting a jump-start on the writing front, having a shower and munching down on some breakfast - today it was Nutella on toast / fashion-wise I opt for a Primark-fuelled outfit, surprisingly, which consisted of my new tassel ankle boots, a massive ring and a top that makes me think 'trendy monochrome' and Beetlejuice - all Daniel had to say was "playing for Newcastle United today?" when I first wore it / I really get into the flow of things with ideas coming at me left-right-and-centre / I worry some more about looking like I play football / have a natter with my sister on the phone - she lives in Devon so I hardly get to see her / the rest of the day follows my normal pattern / do I really look like I play for Newcastle United? / plenty of tea fuels the day / chilli for dinner / NEWCASTLE UNITED??? / I spend my evening doing early check-in for Marrakech (eeks) and not a lot else really.

song of the day: A Song For You - Box Of Light (this is my friend Helen's band and I'm so excited about them - please have a listen)

introducing trumpery

Sunday, 24 February 2013

 photo Blog_zpsaa5b09a6.png

As you might have guessed from this outfit post, I've started up a jewellery company called Trumpery.

Trumpery (truhm-puh-ree] - meaning 'something without use or value; rubbish; trash; worthless stuff', 'nonsense; twaddle: His usual conversation is pure trumpery', 'Archaic. worthless finery' and 'of little or no value; trifling, worthless; rubbishy; trashy'.
Not only a bloody great word, Trumpery is home to a mix of things that make your outfit cool. Everything's a little rough-around-the-edges, slightly rock 'n' roll and quirkily different from upper arm bracelets to funky ear pieces to hair jewellery. Sourced from all over, everything you find here was chosen with care. Some things are even what everyone's oh-so-obsessed with; a little something called 'vintage' which we've found from our favourite charity shops and vintage markets.

We hope you find something to treasure or, quite frankly, wear to death. After all, it's 'something without use or value' or 'worthless finery'. And we love it.


I'm really excited about it for many reasons. Not only is it something I always assumed I couldn't do (why ever not Rosie?) but it's full of the things I love and can't wait to share with other people.

It would mean an awful lot if you would take at look at the website (here), 'like' Trumpery on Facebook (here) and follow @trumpery_ on Twitter (here). Happy Trumpery-ing, or something of the sort!

nostalgic anticipation

Friday, 22 February 2013

 photo MarrakechSuitcase_zpsf467f7ca.png

This is completely childish and I had the most fun doing it. When I was younger, I used to draw a massive suitcase and everything I'd pack inside it for a looming holiday. It was far better than my other way of preparing or getting excited. One year I went into the loft and my parents asked what on earth I was doing - I replied that I was getting my suitcase "of course" and they told me that four weeks ahead of the flight was a little premature. 

I go to Marrakech in precisely 17 days and this is what I plan on taking. I'm sure more will find itself packed when the process actually begins - I'm certainly not a fan of 'packing light' - but I must remember to keep some space for all the treasures I'm sure to find in the markets out there.

Did you ever do anything like this when you were younger? Are you going anywhere lovely this year?

you carried romance in the palm of your hand

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

 photo 1-3_zpsc267f19e.jpg
 photo 4-2_zpsdf63959a.jpg
glittery gold top: charity shop
flippy velvet skirt: River Island
neon green spike necklace: New Look
spike bracelet: Dorothy Perkins
leopard print peep-toe flats: F&F at Tesco

Well hello there you beautiful sunshine you. Despite my weather app telling me it was -4 this morning, I found myself frolicking about outside for an age without a coat or jacket or any kind of sensible layer - yay! The wonders of some rays, I tell you.

So this is my new - and very much unintended - hair colour. Here's the story: I wanted to dye my hair a slightly darker shade of blonde, the product was faulty and it turned out a horrid reddy-brown that wasn't pleasant, then followed plenty of tears and an aggravated email to John Frieda and a trip to Tesco to buy Colour B4... some stripping (oi oi) and a fresh coat of blonde later, this is my hair colour. After a couple of washes it's definitely warming on me but I plan to use some tried-and-tested techniques to lighten it up a little before Marrakech - which includes using John Frieda Go Blonder products, ironically.

This traumatic event took place on Friday and a night out on Saturday turned out to be tearful too for a variety of reasons including my newly smashed-up iPhone. Oh joy. But it's a new week and the sun is shining. Surely nothing can go wrong now?

what's in your pocket?

Monday, 18 February 2013

 photo LadyRosieSavage_zps4db5287a.png

"When I grow up I want to be a princess..."

A little while back I got contacted by Money Supermarket who've been working with bloggers on a project called 'What's In Your Pocket?' We've all experienced nothing but utter joy when we find money we didn't know we had in our pockets... but what to spend it on? As a blogger I immediately thought of that designer lipstick I've always wanted or a cute dress from Motel Rocks but instead, I did something crazy.

I shall henceforth be known as Lady Rosie Savage. Yes. I am a Lady thanks to BuyAGift. When I was younger it was probably some sort of fantasy that involved a dress to make my non-existent boobs bulge and ringlets in my hair but these days I think it's more Lady Mary Charteris - if only.

You probably think I'm barmy but this means I can put 'Lady' instead of 'Miss' from now on. And by jove it's a great conversation starter.

valentine's day treats

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentine's Day! Whether you're single or taken, I hope your day is filled with love and all things happy. Here's two snippets of what it's meant to me this year...

 photo Valentines1_zps091ac555.png 

My brother claimed he wasn't going to do anything for his girlfriend Brontë for Valentine's but the other day he asked me if I would help him make a cake for her - what a cutie he is. It's their first Valentine's Day together so I hope she thought it was acceptable! Quite frankly, it was painful making such a lovely cake and not being able to eat it all to myself.

 photo Valentines2_zps3339dde4.png

Daniel booked a hotel for the two of us tonight and I am so excited; mainly because we've decided to buy a KFC bargain bucket and get pissed on some fancy cocktail. Bliss. I bought him a small gift - as seen above - and made a card saying 'You're Better Than Harry Potter' with a picture of Hogwarts in the background. Now that's love.

What are your plans for today?

i'm mad about the boy

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

 photo 1-3_zpse7757e3b.jpg
 photo 2-2_zps5d9d6669.jpg  photo 4-2_zps7843d349.jpg  photo 3-2_zps3c626b80.jpg black dipped-hem top: New Look sale
black leggings: Topshop
burgundy bowler hat: H&M
cat ring: Forever 21
crosses armlet: Trumpery (coming soon!)
burgundy velvet Chelsea boots: Primark

Here's a somewhat Valentine's-inspired ensemble for you. I went with the burgundy theme (hello new hat that actually fits my huge head and new £5 shoesie) and it's come out quite Gothic, which I love. The top is the New Look bargain I mentioned yesterday which I do have unnatural feelings of love towards. Yeah. It does look even better with bare legs and sandals too so that's how I'll be wearing it mostly.

I've actually been keeping something quiet. I'm starting a jewellery brand called Trumpery and that's where the dangly crosses armlet is from. I'll let you know when the whole thing's officially up-and-running!

Other than that, have a wonderful Valentine's Day tomorrow whether you're single or taken :)


Tuesday, 12 February 2013

 photo 1-3_zps274261a3.jpg

I've been a wee bit naughty on the buying front lately. Some things were an absolute bargain and some were, quite frankly, things I really really really wanted. Let's take a closer look shall we...?

 photo 2-2_zps135d268a.jpg 
These silver shoes are bloody ridiculous and I bloody love them / £8 in the sale (bargain!) / New Look
Peachy sunglasses (which go quite nicely with my hair) / £2.99 in the sale / H&M
Burgundy bowler hat - FINALLY A HAT FITS MY HUGE HEAD / £7.99 / H&M

 photo 3-2_zps49523154.jpg 
ELLE Collections Spring/Summer 2013 / £7

 photo 4-2_zpsef43398c.jpg 
Ankle socks - one black studded pair & one white lacy pair / £1.50 each / Primark
Black tassel sandals (FOR MARRAKECH) / £17.99 / New Look

 photo 5-1_zps1b056bd3.jpg
Teeth necklace / £1 / Primark (men's section)

You can also see two tops in the background - one is a nude printed crop top and the other is a sheer, dipped-hem, black top thingamajig that nobody wanted in the New Look sale but I absolutely LOVE IT. It'll be perfect with those fringed sandals in Marrakech. Did I mention I was going to Marrakech?

Marrakech. Marrakech... what have you bought lately?

pretty pretty please

Thursday, 7 February 2013

 photo 1-3_zps26c3d1c3.jpg  photo IMG_0018_zps8dbdea76.jpg  photo IMG_0012-1_zps264af9ab.jpg
purple leather shorts: Jane Norman @ Debenhams
polka dot tights: Primark
white frilly socks: Topshop
dangly chain necklace: Forever 21 sale
ankle boot creepers: Mr Shoes

This is actually the last thing I want to be wearing. An order came through from New Look today with loads of summery things for my looming trip to Marrakech and I just want to wear it all right this instance. Bring on summer, is all I can say.

In other news, I saw a teddy bear hanging from a very tall lamppost today and I am freaked out to say the least.

Lashes of London

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

 photo LashesOfLondon_zps3bd4283a.png

When I heard about the latest E-Tail PR blog competition I just had to hop on the bandwagon. If I'm lucky enough to win the £200 voucher I would most definitely snap up the Parma Metallic Lace Cropped Tee and the matching Violetta Metallic Lace Skater Skirt seen above. As soon as I saw this heavenly two-piece, I was immediately escorted back to my childhood; to The Secret Garden to be precise. My favourite book and film as a child, the luxuriousness of that fabric reminded me of the 1993 film's opening credits when I used to wish I lived in India, twirling around while an Ayah dressed me in the prettiest lilac dress imaginable. Perfection.

Anything that reeks of nostalgia automatically makes it onto my I-MUST-HAVE-IT- list. Plus, the colour of parma violets is too pretty for words. Fancy the tee and skirt for yourself? Find out how to enter the competition here.

when all those shadows almost killed your light

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

 photo PrimarkJumper1_zps99fcab0a.jpg  photo PrimarkJumper2_zpsebe6197b.jpg  photo PrimarkJumper3_zps7ea0bdfc.jpg
monochrome fluffy jumper: Primark
jeans: New Look
turquoise & gold necklace: Forever 21 sale
tan shoulder bag: Primark (old)
tortoiseshell round sunnies: Topshop
pointy brown boots: Topshop (old)

So this was me earlier. I'm wearing jeans which is crazy. I've accessorised with the colour brown which is crazy. The sky is blue which is crazy. And now it's snowing outside my window. Crazy.

The above is a completely slouchy outfit but it's what I tend to be wearing lately. The Primark jumper was a great find because it's so snuggly warm even if it does make me look rather hench. I totally felt like a real-life model with a fan blowing my hair away from my face. Except the fan was actually bitterly cold wind. Oh, blogger problems.

let the sun shine

Sunday, 3 February 2013

 photo TopshopSunnies_zpsd7550ed4.jpg

I've finally replaced my beloved circular sunnies that died on me last year (these beauts from Beyond Retro) with another equally round pair from Topshop. There's an abundance of retro styles and colours to choose from but I opted for this tortoiseshell pair. Oh, and I couldn't resist picking the rabbit print case to go with them either.

Little purchases like this one are making me more and more excited about Marrakech. 

What sunglasses style do you always go for?