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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

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black tassel top: ASOS sale
black faux leather shorts: Jane Norman @ Debenhams
spike bracelet: Dorothy Perkins
crosses anklet: Topshop
black & white boyfriend cardigan: Primark
black Chelsea boots: vintage

Jeez, I cannot wait to get a tripod sorted. I was all 'blue skies, blue skies!' but, of course, the sunlight doesn't actually hit my garden in winter. Anyway, I hope you get the gist of my all-black outfit which I sort of really love. 

One of these days, I'm totally going to imitate that goddess of a statue and put her right next to me for you guys. And yes, I will be stark naked. Jokes - the diet's not going that well yet.


  1. I love the tassel top! And the ankle bracelet looks so cute, might have to get myself one!

    lucy xx

  2. Haha! Can't wait to c the statue imitation, love the black outfit...I love black:)

  3. hahaha it's gonna get raunchy over here! i love the black fringe skirt, super cute

  4. I love the little anklet what a cute detail! Also your lippy is just divine! xx

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  5. the anklet is soo cute !

    and the boots are lovely too.

  6. really like the outfit and the little anklet! I was so happy to see some blue skies today!!xx

  7. I love your hair! and the anklet is uber cute!

    Sara x

  8. Look really cute :)

  9. Love your anklet! Xx

  10. Your anklet is so cool! Also, with winter weather, I've been finding it hard to get all my photographing done. D:

  11. i love your all-black outfit! :D

    <3, Mimi

  12. The anklet looks cool over the tights, might have to steal this look.

    Rebecca @

  13. I loveeee the anklet! Never thought of wearing one over tights xo

  14. That anklet looks amazing over the tights and you have such gorgeous hair!

    // xx


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