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Monday, 14 January 2013

Photobucket Photobucket
black blouse: Primark
high-waisted denim shorts: New Look
studded tights: Primark
pearl bow necklace: present (Accessorize)
ankle boot creepers: Mr Shoes

Alas, no snow-covered ground. I quite like doing outfit posts in the snow because they create such a lovely quality - see this one from last year. Instead, I'll just have to be patient. Or, better yet, try pulling in summer with a hefty rope.

Onto the outfit... I'm pretty fond of my new studded tights, although I wish the studs wouldn't finish at a weird place above the ankle - would look even odder with a pair of pumps, no? I think they'd look fab on a night out though. And I don't know why this necklace doesn't get much wear because I love how it doubles as a bow-tie, almost.

Are you finding yourself re-loving any items lately?


  1. I actually didn't notice the tights ended anywhere weird until you pointed it out. Still, the are my favorite part of this look!

  2. you look great! those tights are lovely.

    box tie necklaces are the best kind : )

  3. WOW really loving those tights! I didn't even notice the studding ending above the ankle until you mentioned it...I think it looks alright! It didn't really snow here either, only a little bit but then it rained :( x

  4. I love this outfit and your hair is gorgeous!


  5. Love your tights! You look great :)

  6. The tights are gorgeous. I get what you mean and I agree, heels/wedge boots would look amazing with the tights on a night out! I'm re-loving a few jewellery items I completely forgot I had, which totally means I own far too much jewellery haha xo

  7. I like the shirt, I've found a new love for shirts just recently! The studded tights are really cool, odd that the studs stop where they do but I definitely wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't of said!

    Chloe x

  8. Fantastic blog and brilliant post! You're amazing!!! You're got such fantastic taste! Loving the way you write too. :-) Absolutely brilliant!

    Looking forward to more posts from you. I'm now following you on BlogLovin!

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  9. I love the necklace, it's so cute and girly. Hope you get some snow soon.

    Rebecca @

  10. Nice outfit, you look stunning with those glasses!

  11. I love the outfit ! Great tights,


  12. You look so pretty! I love the lip colour xo

  13. You look beautiful , love the tights xx

  14. Gorgeous outfit! Those tights are fabulous. You have great style :)

  15. hello! I love your blog, every post is just delightful. I love this look. The bow tie necklace is icing on the cake. No snow for me either :( That may be because I'm in Australia in the very middle of summer. Also, I love your blog header :D


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