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Monday, 21 January 2013

 photo SnowStyle_zps54093aa1.jpg
  photo SnowStyle4_zps947451ac.jpg  photo SnowStyle3_zps31f92adb.jpg  photo SnowStyle2_zpsdc7b4a23.jpg
khaki dungarees: charity shop
cream jumper: Topshop
leggings: Topshop
oversized Aztec print scarf: Urban Outfitters sale
dreamcatcher necklace: Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park
velvet burgundy boots: H&M

I was finally blessed with snow! Although most aren't seeing it as a blessing, it seems. I personally love snow. And I'm not just saying that because I'm lucky enough to work from home so don't have to deal with much travel - I once stayed overnight in a car because of snow and that was no walk in the park.

I'm finding that so long as I have this humongous scarf with me at all times, the snow's rather manageable. And it's completely pretty of course.


  1. The scarf really looks ace with this outfit. Sure I saw those velvet boots in h&m, ill have to see if they're still there - they're lovely.

    I'm a fan of snow when I'm not in a rush to get anywhere ha!

  2. I love your scarf! And I quite like the snow now, got a day off and went sledging as per :)

  3. You're hair is so perfect! :)
    We've had loads of snow today too, and I'm happy about it! Uni was cancelled which was a bonus too ;)

    http://www.danielleyc.com/ xx

  4. That scarf is so cute! and I love your boots, there so cool.

    if you have the time: lizzie-florence.blogspot.com

  5. Beautiful! I love your boots! :)

  6. I LOVE your boots and scarf!

  7. your hair is looks gorgeous young lady! and I am really loving this scarf xx

  8. I may be your new stalker, be careful

  9. Hello!! Rosie you look as cute as ever and I love your hair! Such an amazing scarf too. I know it's such a gran thing to say but scarves really do keep the cold out! :) xx

  10. I love them boots! Are they new in H&M or previous season? :-)

    I love your blog! Followed!
    Check out my blog sometime? :-)

  11. your makeup looks beautiful here :) xx

  12. Beautiful outfit and I love the name of the post :).

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  13. What a lovely outfit :) Also i really like your hair it looks fab. Thankyou for the kind comments on my post.


    Amy x


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