candy pink

Friday, 29 June 2012

black and white stripe tee: Forever 21
pink polka dot high-waisted shorts: New Look
pink flatforms: Topshop
gold skull necklace: New Look
gold peace ring: Boots

These are pretty much the only pictures captured before the wind decided to be a right b-tard and blow my camera off the BBQ table - where my camera sits for pictures, naturally. Now, my crappy Bangkok-bought Samsung camera is unfixable with a broken zoom. Perfect.

Here are the highly gushed about shorts in all their glory, teamed with my new pink flatforms: nom. It must be a day for favourites because I'm also donning my current fave necklace - isn't he beautifully tacky and laughable? You can actually make him laugh by moving his mouth. Sometimes we'll even have a bit of a chat.

Despite the camera situation, I'm actually very happy today. Yesterday I spent the day in London with one of my favourite people in the world, Gilly. We met in Asia last year and this was the first time we'd seen each other since. I took her on the London Eye, we had lunch at Giraffe, wandered around Covent Garden and gossiped in deck chairs in Green Park in the perfect weather.

As for this weekend, I'm going for drinks with lots of friends tonight to celebrate my birthday which is tomorrow. Daniel and I are off to Brighton for the actual day which should be perfect, and we're off for seafood with my parents on Sunday. I cannot wait!

gush gush gush

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Yes, I'm going to gush.

I just bought these two pairs of shorts today so haven't taken them on an official outing yet, but I'm in love. I think I have found 'the one', or 'ones' as it were. We're going to be very happy together.

Parisian at New Look
Available in pink or blue.
Adorable polka-dot print.
Dreamy stretchy denim-like fabric.
Perfect for wear even without tights or leggings, aka no crack flash.

crazy flower rosie

Monday, 25 June 2012

20th October 2011: rolling down the Mekong River in Laos

21st October 2011: Kuang Si Waterfall, Luang Prabang, Laos

23rd October 2011: Jungle Bar, Vang Vieng, Laos

27th October 2011: water puppets show and a crazy motorbike journey in Hanoi, Vietnam

4th November 2011: Cu Chi tunnels, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

5th November 2011: on a boat tour and meeting my Cambodian boyfriend, Mekong Delta, Vietnam

9th November 2011: Angkor Tom, Siem Reap, Cambodia

11th November 2011: the Cambodian/Thai border

I have felt rubbish today. I'm not one to normally moan about feeling ill but I took the day off because I actually really needed to. It was the perfect opportunity to work my way through over 3000 pictures that my German friend Reiner (he called me Crazy Flower Rosie - helped him remember the name apparently?!) sent me, though. I mentioned way back when that my camera was stolen on my Asian adventure last year (as you can imagine I was devastated), so he promised to send me lots of photographs so I would have some visual memories.

Amongst the beautiful scenic snaps were a fair few of me, some of which I've shown you here. I just love the one of my fella and I. To cut a very cute story short, that Cambodian lad asked me if I had a boyfriend back home to which I replied 'No' (soz Daniel, we weren't together then) and he said he didn't understand and asked me if he could be my boyfriend to which I, of course, said yes. God, I miss him.

Anyway, have been feeling completely nostalgic and want to be back there right this second. My friend Gilly (pictured a lot with me) and I are meeting up on Thursday for the first time since the trip and I am BEYOND excited.

What's been your best trip ever?

you know it feels like falling in love for the first time

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

daisy print shirt: vintage
white fleck tee: Republic
denim shorts: H&M
gold statement necklace: Forever21
stone ring: Boots
sunglasses: Beyond Retro
black chelsea boots: vintage

Aaaand the mood is lifted thanks to two sunshine-y days. Maybe I have SAD because I'm infinitely more upbeat this week.

I'm just popping into town quickly in a sec to head to The Salvation Army where I got this beautiful shirt a couple of months back - maybe it'll provide me with some luck to find even more must-have garments? Paired with a relatively simple but comfy outfit, I still think this shirt is a knock-out.

Aside from a wander in town (where I will be going to say hello to my old colleagues in Boots and most definitely finding some kind of baked good for lunch) I'll be writing today as per, and heading out into town town tonight for a boogie with friends.

Has anyone else got any 'hump day' plans?

when you blow my whistle, baby

Friday, 15 June 2012

white cami: River Island
faux leather shorts: Jane Norman @ Debenhams
mint cardi: New Look
pink and blue cross necklaces: Forever 21
black tights: Superdrug
black suede wedges: Mr Shoes

Hair's all a'frizzle today. And I'm going with it.

I'm actually in love with my new Forever 21 necklaces and just had to get two colours when priced at only £1.50 each - barg. I've worn them practically every day for the past week or so. The same goes for my new wedges from Mr Shoes, too. Ha, and have you guys seen? My drunken mug has made it onto the website when I debuted the Judas Gaga Platform Pony Shoes. Note to self: outfit picture before Tesco's own Cava. Not the most flattering of pictures but MAN I do love those shoes.

It's Friiiiday - any plans for the weekend? I have zilch, except for spending the day with family on Sunday.


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

denim-look shirt: H&M
green jeans: George
statement gold necklace: Forever 21
black wedges: Mr Shoes

Sunshine? Whaaaaat?

Soz for the awkward pose here - my boyfriend actually snapped me for the first time ever and I felt weirdly uncomfortable. The people staring in the distance didn't help either, of course.

This is a recent Mr Shoes purchase. I've wanted a pair of shoes like these for ages that just go with everything. I can imagine them being worn year round and can't wait to style them up with summery outfits or tights and frilly socks in winter. Nom.

I'm off out tonight for some bevvies with the gang, and cannot wait. Have you got any midweek plans?

wardrobe swap, please

Saturday, 9 June 2012

These ladies all looked amazing this week, as always.

Clemence Poesy shied away from this shit (there - I said it) weather in New York in a trench coat, ankle-baring trousers, brogues and a bowler hat. The sweet loose ponytail dangling over her shoulder adds a lovely feminine touch too.

Diane Kruger (my current style crush) worked the sporty look at the French Open Tennis Tournament in Paris. She's wearing such a sweet mini dress and with her tennis-appropriate hat and pink converse to boot, she just doesn't put a foot wrong. Ever.

Kate Bosworth downplays a snazzy dress with some casual ankle boots and some sunnies, while Olivia Palermo brings boho back to life with loose layers and gold accessories.

Yum yum yum.

shining soles at topshop

Friday, 8 June 2012

all Topshop

Forever considering myself as quite a girly girl who only occasionally ventures into boyish accessories (converse, leather and mannish jewellery have only recently come onto my periphery...) I'm quite surprised at my intrigue into metallic shoes that are cropping up everywhere - and, surprise surprise, Topshop have got it spot on with an abundance of stylish options. I guess you could say 'ooh, shiny shiny!' and think of the above shoes as definitely being girlish, but there is something quite robotic, sci-fi, 'I got a baaaad feeling about this' about them, no? 

Either way, I would be quite grateful if the Walton Bleach Wood Wedges (the bronze wooden wedges) or Loud Slingback Platform Sandals (silver heels) somehow ended up in my wardrobe. Even the Houpla Leather Strap Sandals (silver sandals) would be a great addition to my growing shoedrobe. 

Are you feeling magpie-like towards metallics too?

field day

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The most wonderful time was spent at Field Day festival in Victoria Park with Charlee, Daniel and Adam on Saturday and that, amongst other things, is the reason for my slight absence as of late. Highlights of the day included when the sun decided to appear (honestly like an angel out of the sky), Grimes, seeing Robyn, dancing to Jessie Ware, drinking far too much wine and cider, skipping around like losers in love with the bestie, SBTRKT, chatting to some lovely American ladies in the portaloo queue, and just generally soaking up the atmosphere.

We stayed overnight in an apartment in Stratford that night and spent the following day mooching around Brick Lane and Westfield before heading back home. The following picture sums it all up really: an amazing weekend with amazing people.