southend air show

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Here are a few snaps from a beautifully sunny day spent at Southend Air Show on Saturday. Daniel and I listened to ridiculous commentators, sipped on some Bulmers, had a little boogie to Frank Sinatra's Come Fly With Me (clever, ay?), roasted in the sun and I got hilarious tan lines from these sandals - follow me on instagram (carelessly_cut) to see them in all their glory.

bring a little bit of sun, yeah?

Friday, 25 May 2012

lilac racer vest: H&M
dip-dye high-waisted denim shorts: Topshop
black biker shorts: H&M
orange and purple bracelets: Tesco
lilac bracelet: not a clue
teddy bear necklace: "
beige aztec cut-out sandals: George

Picture overkill, much? Outfit snaps look so much better in the brightest of sunshine, don't they?

This is the first time the pins have fully made their way out this year and I love it. However much I love these shorts, I will never wander about in them in summer without my biker shorts to cover my modesty though; except, perhaps, on the beach or something. I actually think they add a little something extra to the outfit anyway.

Despite a few setbacks this morning, NOTHING is going to stop today from being amazing with weather like this. I have a strawberry and lime Kopparberg to accompany my writing (oops), my new nails which I can't help but swoon over every five minutes, Sia singing in the background, and my tacky teddy bear necklace for comfort. What could be better?

wednesday night snapshot

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

taken with instagram 

Just a quick post to say:

- It's amazingly feeling like summer - get in.
- I'm off out tonight with some very special (and not in the good sense - baha) ladies, hence the apple vodka of my own creation.
- And here are my new acrylic nails which I've never had done before - pink, pink, pink... I'm obsessed.

now my life is sweet like cinnamon

Monday, 21 May 2012

orange & white stripe blouse: Topshop
denim shorts: Topshop
cropped leather jacket: H&M Kids
black leggings: Topshop
cross earrings: Topshop
Chelsea boots: vintage

I love this blouse. Though you can't see it, it has a slit back which made me lust for it even more. Teamed with too many even more Topshop goodies, I feel completely at ease in this outfit. It's actually something I wore last week; clearly while the parents went on a garden potting spree, if you hadn't noticed.

Since these pictures I've spent the evening at the bestie's with some wonderful people (screaming Dreamgirls and laughing at Shaun of the Dead), enjoyed a lazy day with the boyfriend, drooled over some oven-melted Camembert and french stick (de-lish), read lots, had hot baths, spotted a hedgehog in the back garden and kept an eye on our baby birds in the front garden, spent the day in Felixstowe with some of the boyfriend's family (sunshine, seafront, fish and chips...) and I've been productive with my life a little too. As you're reading this, I'm just finishing up from work and am heading out for some night-time shopping with the boyfriend (him again - I just can't get enough).

[EDIT: Didn't end up in shopping heaven due to it taking me two hours to get home when it should have taken 30 minutes. Not. Happy.]

DIY: tie-dye tee

Sunday, 20 May 2012

With tie-dye taking over the rails it would be silly not to give it a go myself, seeing as I'm normally so afraid when it comes to DIY and this is relatively easy. It airs on nostalgia for me too; I remember tie-dyeing a cushion back in primary school to a lovely effect. I wanted to keep the tee (originally H&M) pretty white so used less of the dye than instructed (Dylon, baby) and bound the designs quite tight: 'marbled' effect with the pink, 'circle' effect with the blue.

It's so cheap compared to buying something tie-dyed from the high-street, especially with it being so 'on trend' right now. What do you think? Will you be giving it a go?

a string of daisies

Friday, 18 May 2012

daisy print shirt: charity shop
black leggings: Topshop
green ring: Forever21, New York
black Chelsea boots: vintage

I've fallen hard for this daisy print beauty. It's the Salvation Army find I blogged about the other week, and it's made its way to being one of my favourite garments ever. Truthfully, I wouldn't walk out of the house wearing it with only leggings (despite it covering my behind) but I wanted to show you its true loveliness. I imagine it with high-waisted denim shorts and bare legs come summer, though.

ministry of fashion

Thursday, 17 May 2012







Here are some articles that I've recently written for Ministry of Fashion - obviously these are just screenshots so don't feature the entire article, but I wanted to actually show you what my day job looks like.  I write about fashion trends, celebrity style, fashion events and news, editorials and we also post staff style looks and staff brand favourites every now and then too.

Click on each image to fully read the article, or head on over to the Ministry of Fashion blog to take your pick. I don't write all of them but most of them are me.

It's bloody hard work but most of the time I'm positive because I stop and think: this is my dream job.

yeah, intelligent input darling

Friday, 11 May 2012

pastel crop top: Beyond Retro
high-waisted denim shorts: Topshop
black sunglasses: Beyond Retro
lilac bracelet: not a frickin' clue mate
black tights: Boots
loafers: Mr Shoes

So here are those Beyond Retro purchases I mentioned the other day. I immediately thought of pairing the crop with my trusty Topshop denim shorts, and I feel rather summery in the spot of sunshine we seem to be graced with today.

It's just a normal 'Fashion Blogger' day for me today (I don't think I'm ever going to get sick of saying that) so it involves writing a bucketload, researching and sourcing images, getting panicked about the time, and drinking copious amounts of tea and resisting the biscuit tin.

Tonight's pretty standard too - the pub awaits, as do some of my favourite people in the world. Bottoms up!

fashion nostalgia

Thursday, 10 May 2012

My dad was traipsing through an old trunk we have in our living room today. It's a seriously beautiful thing that adds to the room's quirk but inside is all sorts of paraphernalia: concert brochures, signed portraits, cards and a ton of old photographs. He showed me the above pictures as I was writing for Ministry of Fashion and Mr Shoes (the day job) and I guess it's true what they say about a love of style starting from a young age. The first snap proves I was always meant to get involved in the whole OOTD thing. In the second shot, my brother and I are looking very demure which is unusual and, despite neither of us looking at the camera, I love this action shot of my sister and I boogie-ing on the dancefloor. 

I love how cute my stepdad and I look here too, and I look rather outraged at my brother's blatant lack of respect for furniture in the second snap. I clearly had a thing for that hat and dress combo as well, right?

Does anyone else love indulging in a bit of nostalgia every now and then?

blogger style inspiration | the kitten's whiskers

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

"Over the past 6 months, I've set myself a challenge not to buy any clothes new from high street shops, but rather to buy only thrift / vintage / second hand items." 
- Laila, The Kitten's Whiskers

It seems that most bloggers love a good thrifty second-hand purchase but it takes real moxy to scout for your entire wardrobe in a charity shop or car boot sale. Laila from The Kitten's Whiskers inspires me every time she uploads a new outfit whether I'm screaming "How in the hell did she find that?!" or admiring her creative styling of all things vintage and pre-loved.

Head on her over to her blog whenever you're feeling down about your wardrobe. In fact, just head on over there every day - you won't regret it...