true blue, baby I love you

Friday, 27 April 2012

blue scalloped tee: Topshop
navy patterned midi skirt: charity shop
gold 'love' bracelet: Topshop
black flatforms: Mr Shoes

So I thought I'd never get these pictures taken today. Has anyone else noticed the rain? Thought so. 

I practically leaped into my garden the minute the sun came out and I stopped hearing the pitter-patter on the conservatory roof. Sure, the sky looks positively beautiful in the above snaps, but we all know it doesn't last long. And I was right to rush. 

I've decided to stop caring what the weather's doing and embrace springtime outfits like normal. I woke up in a 'blue' mood today - don't worry, I do mean the colour - so embraced cobalt and navy. The skirt I picked up in the week - charity shop haul post here - and the scalloped tee we've all seen a hundred times seemed like the perfect addition. It was a great outfit choice for a day of writing - hello elasticated waist.

How has your Friday been? Any weekend plans?

P.S. Go here to see these same snaps on the website I work for.

the salvation army

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

navy patterned midi skirt: BHS £2.99
orange midi skirt: Sara Neal £2.99
floral autumnal blouse: Papaya £.3.99 
white floral blouse: Exclusive D by Dolores £1.99
plum cropped blouse: Topshop £2.00
daisy print blouse: Carrenac £4.99

I experienced major charity shop success today. Unfortunately, that's a rarity for me. My local charity shops sprout the odd gem but mostly, they are full of tripe. Today I struck gold in The Salvation Army. I first spotted the plum-coloured blouse (which is very old Topshop) and fell in love. Next came the Papaya blouse and the simple white blouse - although they're not incredible, I figured they'd look super sweet this summer with denim shorts and bare legs.

In the skirt section, I found two swish midi skirts: the first, a navy patterned number and the second, a bright orange one. Totes on trend, yah? As a shortarse, I always panic that long skirts will look ridiculous on me but after trying them on, I think they'll look great with a simple white tee and sandals this summer.

My favourite favourite favourite garment is the daisy print blouse. It was actually part of a skirt suit and although I would have happily taken the skirt too (albeit, never to be worn together - hi Miss Frumpy!) it didn't fit. Thankfully, the woman let me take just the blouse after a little prying. It's hard to explain but not only is the print perfect, the shape is too - when this sodding rain sods off I'll be sure to show you all properly.

I also got encouraged to purchase a re:bag for 99p. It comes with a loyalty card where if you take in some donations in the bag, you get £2 to spend in store. On the reverse side of the card is a point system - every time you spend £5 you get a stamp, and after 10 stamps you get £5 to spend in store. I actually think this is genius. It inspires you to get rid of clothes you never wear and trade them in for clothes you'll love, while also giving to charity. Win, win, win.

Has anyone else struck charity shop gold lately? #goodmood

details of the day #15

Friday, 20 April 2012

floral batwing top: George 
denim jacket: H&M
black bodycon skirt: H&M
gold cross earrings: Topshop
black tights: Boots
grey converse: Converse, NY

nails: Barry M in Bright Pink and Models Own in Pink Fizz

wake up feeling completely inspired for some reason / get cracking on my stay-at-home writing job, rushing down some Crunchy Nut in the process / write four pieces before lunch and then scoff on some delicious homemade vegetable cous cous while watching the new Vampire Diaries episode (oh. my god.) / crack on with the rest of my articles while listening to music: I discover that listening to The Lion King and Wicked soundtrack help immensely, who knew?! / I found out that my bestie got a job she's been after and I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER / after having an extremely productive day (and finishing early for the first time this week) I treat myself to a hot bath and a Chinese takeaway

I'm soon to be meeting my boyfriend at the radio station (he's, like, so on the air right now) and then we're off to the pub to celebrate Charlee's new job and seeing our friend Hannah before she goes back to university. Any Friday night plans, anyone?

a perfect world

Monday, 16 April 2012

Why can't life be like tumblr?
You can honestly get lost in a perfect, perfect world.

Visit me here. And comment me your links :)


Sunday, 15 April 2012

Clashing prints, in vogue runner shorts, palm trees, the brightest of colours, tie-dye and a sexy-as-hell bomber jacket: what more could you want?

Has anyone else been enticed by the Calypso collection at Topshop? Bring on payday.

where you been hiding lately?

Saturday, 14 April 2012

stripey jumper: charity shop
blush crochet shorts: H&M
grey tights: Boots
'love' bracelet: Topshop
other bracelets: unknown
black flatforms: Mr Shoes

I can now officially say I no longer work on Saturdays: uh-mazing. I thought I'd feel at a bit of a loss as to what to do today but I slept in 'til 11 and it's been smooth sailing since then... aka, I've done nothing. Bliss.

This is possibly one of the nicest things I've picked up in a charity shop - I got it last year when I went to Devon with my bestie Charlee. It's just so easy and a perfect fit, too. As for the grey tights, I never know whether it's too far into the realms of 'schoolgirl'? Oh well. It makes a change from black. Truthfully, I'm looking to the days of not having a need for tights at all: is anyone else feeling a bit too chilly for spring?

the girl across the creek

Monday, 9 April 2012

Nostalgia. It can make you feel seriously sick or on top of your own little world.

If I ever feel lacklustre in the inspiration department, I get my Dawson's Creek boxset and start with disc one. Of course, my favourite character is Joey Potter and if anyone says that Joey and Pacey aren't meant for each other then I'm sorry but we definitely can't be friends.

Lately I've found her wardrobe to be particularly inspiring: dungarees, floppy hats, crop tops (a cheeky bit of belly button on show just because she totally can), lots of denim... completely casual, yet completely perfect. This whole sort of "vintage America" trend that's stirring has me excited, and I don't think there's anyone better to go to than Joey Potter when it comes to advice.

As for my favourite scene ever ever ever? See below.

pick me ups

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

aztec bandeau: Boohoo
stars & stripes hotpants: Boohoo
nude & black aztec top: Boohoo
pink aztec swing crop: Boohoo
blush crochet shorts: H&M
sunglasses: Boots
ring: Boots
Barry M (279 - Bright Pink): Superdrug

Here are some items I've picked up over the last week or so. I wore the pink swing crop top out on Saturday night with some high-waisted tie-dye denim shorts and I just love it, and the crochet shorts (which look white but are definitely a lovely blush colour) are set to be a firm favourite of mine this summer.

It's so unusual for me but I just can't seem to get enough pink in my life. I'm currently donning pink nails, pink lips, and pink clothes even. Ew, how girly... but the colour's definitely having a comeback, no? The above nail varnish is the sweetest of pinks.

As for the ring, I just love how disgustingly tacky it is. My finger is sure to be oh-so-green in a few day's time because that bad boy is not coming off.

Managed to treat yourself to anything exciting after payday?