Wednesday, 29 February 2012

 denim striped jacket: Topshop
'once upon a time' watch: ASOS
floral blouse: H&M
faded pink heart vest: Topshop
nude flatforms: River Island
pop sunglasses: Urban Outfitters
oriental umbrella: River Island
floral fringe jacket: Yayer
tie-dye sweatshirt: H&M
'love new york' tee: ASOS
multi-coloured bracelets: Accessorize
pastel striped Vans: Urban Outfitters
high-waist black and white stripe jeans: Urban Outfitters
ombre shirt: Miss Selfridge
kissing dolls necklace: River Island

Just a collection of really amazing stuff that I would love to appear magically on my bed when I come home from work tomorrow... one can dream, right? I'm forever saying "I have nothing to wear!" lately and while I know that's not strictly true, some funky pieces like the ones above would certainly give my wardrobe a bit of oomph that is so desperately needs.

When a decent amount of money finally decides to show me it exists, I'm going to go wild.

inspiration vomit

Sunday, 26 February 2012

My Tumblr is pretty much my photo diary and I love just scrolling through things that have inspired me. Why not take a look? And please comment with your links if you have Tumblr too; I really want to get more into it again.

i am a lonely painter, i live in a box of paints

Friday, 24 February 2012

denim shirt: Topshop
white tee: Topshop
fairisle leggings: New Look
scrabble ring: Birdy's Boutique
pink cameo ring: The Robyn Diaries
black flatforms: Mr Shoes

nail varnish: 17 Lasting Fix in 'Woo Me'
lipstick: Barry M 147

I live for my day off, which is something that needs to be changed pronto.

Today has and will consist of eating (first priority), blogging (obvy), sorting out my tornado-blitzed bedroom, watching my fave programmes (hello Gossip Girl, Hart of Dixie, New Girl, 90210, The Vampire Diaries etc etc) some boring necessary errands, and hopefully a drink down the pub later. Oh, and maybe I should sort my life out too.

Oh the LOLS!

P.S. What do you think of me 'look'? I love my new flatforms, and have once again fallen in love with my fairisle leggings which I sort of forgot existed...

truly unique

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Topshop Unique AW12

Stubborness normally prevents me from getting truly excited about a new collection: why on earth would I want to be thinking of knits when I'm currently wearing this season's knits and dreaming of pastels, high-waisted denim shorts and sandals for the sun that's surely soon to be on its way? I'm one of those late bloomers and in a couple of months time I'm sure I'll be swooning over everything but for now, no.

Despite this, I'm always eager to see what certain brands have to offer; Topshop Unique being one of them. The flattering billowy shapes, hits of black velvet and military inspiration certainly took my fancy, and the above three looks are definitely my faves. I can't wait to get my hands on some printed trousers this year - and for winter, they certainly look perfect with a loose-fit jumper. As for the velvet trousers, white embroidered top and sparkly gold panel dress - helloooo.

Accessible, delicious, forward-thinking... but with a retro twist.

What did you think?

#febphotoaday once more

Monday, 20 February 2012

'self portrait' | well, someone else took this on a night out
'makes you happy' | VOM ;)
'inside your closet' | I don't really have my own wardrobe so here are my draws (oo-er!)
'blue' | new denim shorts
'heart' | beautiful flowers courtesy of Daniel
'phone' | retrooo
'something new' | cross necklace from Miss Selfridge
'time' | at the radio station with Daniel for his show
'drink' | I love me some cider

details of the day #13

Saturday, 18 February 2012

black 'Running Wild' tee: H&M
high-waisted pink stain denim shorts: Topshop
black tights: Boots
black suede loafers: Mr Shoes

a manic rush to get into work this morning, followed by an obligatory chicken slice from Greggs because my brother and I had simultaneously run out of both bread and milk / the days are going faster at work finally - although it's still obviously not what I want to do, I'm being given more responsibilities which is positive / a delicious M&S lunch / on my return home, I frantically tidy the house as my parents are due back from a holiday: oops / get ready to go t'pub where I will surely have wondrous chats with my bestie and boyfriend and other babes that will hopefully show their faces - cannot wait.

pass me the bucket

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

There's been a lot of negativity surrounding Valentine's Day this year and it can be rather annoying, don't you think? Just embrace it - taken or otherwise - and have fun! Don't get me wrong, I didn't used to be fussed when it came to the 14th of February. But then perhaps that's because I never did anything so I acted like I didn't care? Either way, a thoughtful gesture or two can completely change your mind.

Now I'm a big fan and I sort of had a big cheesy grin on my face yesterday. Without detailing the entire story and coming across all gushy, my boyfriend surprised me with flowers that were sitting in my porch upon my return home from work, and the card told me to be ready for dinner at 7. We ate at a cute (and delicious) Thai restaurant which I had previously mentioned wanting to visit, and he handed me a handmade card with my glorious Gavin & Stacey-esque petname. Even the sticky rice basket I so desperately wanted - having not bought one on my travels due to luggage issues - managed to come home with me due to some sneaky sneaky work by Daniel. What a catch, ay?

So much for him telling me he thought yesterday was to be Pancake Day. He'd been planning this for weeks!

Has anyone got any cute / funny / "pass me the bucket" stories from yesterday? I'd love to hear them.

#febphotoaday so far

Friday, 10 February 2012

'your view today' | my garden through my bedroom window 
'handwriting' | #sayhowyoureallyfeelrosie
'words' | I love reading sweet comments from my readers
'stranger' | well, I don't even know myself really
'10am' | more like 12pm but still... looking at the snow out the window of a pub where I stayed overnight with my boyfriend
'dinner' | a really boring but comforting meal; mum's Monday night baked potato
'button' | just fyi, this is my boyfriend's behind
'sun' | ridiculously bright and beautiful on another snowy morning
'front door' | I actually love where me and my family live; I still want to move out though...

them young girls, they don't forget it

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

 grey elbow-patch jumper: H&M
stripey long-sleeved tee: H&M
black leggings: Topshop
faux leather jacket: Republic
leopard print ear-warmer: Topshop
burgundy bobbly scarf: hand-me-down
feather cluster necklace: Boots
velvet gloves: Topshop
chelsea boots: Heartshaker

I'm wearing some super comfy clothes this afternoon after a busy morning at work but decided I just had to do an outfit post because the lighting was just so beautiful outside with the snow. And it's amazing how an outfit can be jazzed up with some leather, leopard print, wine-coloured lips and chelsea boots anyway.

I know people are already getting fed up with the snow (seriously, it's only been three days) but I just love it. Don't get me wrong, I'm a summer girl through-and-through but if it has to be winter, then why can't it be pretty whilst being bitterly cold? So people are struggling with their cars or transport... me and my Mickey (navy blue Ford KA that's shaped like a mouse, hiyaaaa!) are having a blast out there.

Keep it coming Mr Weatherman. I hear we have another six weeks of this...

details of the day #12

Saturday, 4 February 2012

green jeans: George
stripey tee: New Look
grey cardi: H&M
stag necklace: Accessorize
black loafers: Mr Shoes
nail varnish: No7 Speed Dry in 'Hot Pink'

have a traditionally dreary day at work, although I'm in a surprisingly chipper mood today considering - if I had time I would upload a video of some guy who mimed 'tissues' for me instead of just saying 'tissues'. yep. / food consists of Shreddies for breakfast (can't beat it), a footlong subway for lunch (the guy is new and oh-so-generous with the chicken, cheese and salad. new favourite person.) and some yummy pasta for dinner / I'm now currently slurping on some Babycham (a Christmas present) before heading to the pub with lots of friends! bring on lots of giggles and drinking.

How's everybody else's Saturdays been?

bring. on. summer.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Teamed with bare arms and legs, some cork sandals, a hit of pink lipstick, and millions of daisies in my hair... come to mama! 

Is anyone else ridiculously impatient for summer?

you can't break that which isn't yours

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

 black floral maxi skirt: tailormade in Hoi An, Vietnam
white strappy top: New Look
denim jacket: H&M
statement necklace: Forever 21, Times Square NY
strap pumps: Shoe Zone

It's been a while since I've given a proper 'outfit post'. This is mainly because of my rubbish camera that I acquired in Bangkok (mine got stolen out there so I just purchased the cheapest possible) so I can no longer take my well-known shots in front of the yellow wall because they are annoyingly blurry. I braved the outside world (brrr!) to take these today and, thankfully, got clearer snaps.

Today is set to be a productive one with a to-do list as long as the Nile. Normally I'll stay quite happily in my pyjamas and heavenly slippers all day but I thought I better get a good head on and get dressed properly. This skirt is possibly my favourite acquisition from my travels around South East Asia last October. Over a three-day process, this skirt (along with another in a different fabric) was tailor-made for me at Mr Xe's in Hoi An; a beautiful, out-of-this-world town.

Just wearing it is making me feel awfully nostalgic.