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Monday, 26 November 2012

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black velvet tee: charity shop
disco pants: HQ (Glamorous)
denim jacket: H&M
turquoise necklace: Forever 21 sale
gold stone ring: Boots
peace ring: Boots
Chelsea boots: vintage

This outfit is comfort to the absolute max. I caved and got some disco pants. Although I won't be wearing tops shorter than the one above with them (trust me, ain't nobody got time for that) they look far better than a regular pair of wet-look leggings; especially on your derrière, even if I do say so myself. I'm in love with one of my latest charity shop purchases too - this tee is the perfect slouchy fit.

Aside from your favourite onesie, what's your most comfiest thing to wear?

Oh, and I know I'm totally late on this but I can't stop listening to The Lumineers. Especially this one, hence the post title.

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  1. I loooove your necklace. You look great hun.

    Sheree x

  2. Sooo gorgeous , love your outfit x

  3. Nice outfit! Wish I was brave enough to try disco pants!x

  4. stunning pictures! love your style!

  5. omg your disco pants look totally awesome! and i love your platinum blond hair a lot too!
    would you like to follow each other?

  6. Love your outfit! The necklace is amazing x

  7. love love love this blog! just found it and its amazing!! im in love with your hair!! xx

  8. Im the bum queen of comfy, leggings and a rock tee. Dang you take comfy to the new level ! You are certainly killing it with those rad disco pants <3 (I cant get over your awesome hair btw, I need to grow some balls and cut some bangs too, they're so cute on you)

  9. Ahhh can't believe I have only just found your blog. You have LOVELY style! Gorge outfit and I am massive fan of your hair and fringe! :) And I love this song as well!

    Gemma x


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