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Friday, 12 October 2012

As soon as I heard about Take This Waltz I wanted to watch it. I saw the advert and thought: 'Michelle Williams in a beautiful looking indie film - done.' explained it as follows: 'A happily married woman falls for the artist who lives across the street.' Firstly, she wasn't overly happy and secondly... she's uncontrollable when it comes to the man across the street. Margot (played by Williams) seems troubled and in a constant state of conflict. Her home life seems pretty content but she's desperate for more, which she finds in Daniel (played by Luke Kirby).

No one's ever truly satisfied and things can get boring pretty quickly though can't they? This film made me feel 100% better knowing I'm not alone in my constant state of utter confusion about the entire damn world. Whew. Deep.

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  1. always looking for new films to watch, especially with michelle williams in! x

  2. aw thanks for the congrats! this sounds like a lovely film- sometimes it's ones that are about really mundane and normal things that are the best because they capture real people. I really like Elizabethtown for that reason!


  3. Oh I REALLY want to see this, such a sucker for an indie film with Michelle Williams in it :) xx


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