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Thursday, 27 September 2012

The best thing about being ill? No guilt whatsoever about making some purchases. Okay, maybe there was some guilt.

H&M is a bit of a treasure chest lately. I felt like a magpie when I swooped in all the golden goods - the hooped earrings are amazing (inspired by the wonderful Laila at The Kitten Whiskers - thanks m'lady!) and the tacky sunglasses actually look fab on. The winter moccasins and ring were spur-of-the-moment purchases, and I've wanted a good beanie for ages - when priced at £3.99, two are a must right?

I couldn't resist the GOLD by Giles ribbon tights at New Look (nor the adorable key pendant) and I noticed that HMV were selling the Harry Potter boxset for £20 down from £50 - amazing. You may think it's crazy that I didn't already have them all but I was waiting for the price to come down. Before this, my HP collection consisted of the first two on video, the next three on DVD and the three after that on my computer.

Happy Rosie.

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  1. Great buys! I really want the Harry Potter boxset :) x

  2. LOVE the beanies, been thinking of order this one from American but its $30 does say "PUNK ASS" on it though. H&M might just have to do instead :) yes yes yes to HP I need new dvds too as I've worn mine out hahah how embarrassing. Hope you feel better soon beaut xxx

  3. Are they blue rays too? That's really good if so! Me and Thomas keep meaning to sit down and do a full on HP marathon!


    1. No they're just normal DVDs :) But I think Amazon are doing the Blu-Ray boxset for about £8 more which is not too shabby! xx

  4. aha I don't feel properly dressed until I've got my hoops in at the moment - good choice ;) I like the hats, I've been stocking up on them too. No one likes a cold head.

    Laila x

  5. I love that pink beanie! A definite must-buy!

  6. Love the necklace and the ribbon tights! xxx


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