i waited for an hour, i finally gave up

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

speckled pink tee: Topshop
high-waisted tie-dye denim shorts: Topshop
khaki/faux leather jacket: River Island
spike cluster necklace: New Look
bracelet: Dorothy Perkins sale
black tights: Boots
white frilly socks: Topshop
black creeper chelsea boots: Mr Shoes

Anyone one would think superglue was keeping me permanently attached to my new River Island jacket and Mr Shoes creeper chelsea boots - I'm seen in them practically every day at the moment. They're both so easy to just thrown on and walk out the door whilst still looking like you've made an effort. A dash of lipstick does that too doesn't it? So underrated.

In typical British fashion, the sun came out as I put the jacket on. Yep.


  1. you always have such cool shoes now Rosie! I love the glasses...xx

  2. you always have the best shoes! i love the jacket, i want one!

  3. Never seen those creeper/chelsea boots before... looking good! I go through times of constantly wearing the same sort of clothes, especially blouses!

  4. always feel much more 'done up' with a little swipe of red lippy, rarely without it these days. I love that coat as well, great find! xxx


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