one year apart

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

V Festival 2011 saw me itching to meet up with a 'friend'. The girls and I found him. Who knows what we spoke about, but I remember a hand on my back and being flung into the air. 

V Festival 2012. This 'friend' had turned into something much more, and I found myself running up to meet him to enjoy a day of sunshine. Knowing full well that, this time, when he picked me up it would be with the feeling of never wanting to be let go. 

On a much more comical and evidently less romantic/soppy/vom note, our facial expressions didn't change much in a year did they?


  1. Aww cute <3 (and vom) :p glad you had so much fun though! xx

  2. Awwww this is very cute isn't it!

  3. awwww, i love a soppy post. everyone has to indulge in a little soppiness now and then :)


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