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Friday, 13 July 2012


white vest: H&M
gold statement necklace: Forever21
crosses anklet: Topshop
turquoise Buddha beads: Topshop
brown beads: Siem Reap Market, Cambodia

Wow, I really need a tripod. See me in that first picture? No. Exactly. It's just my lit-up nose.

I wore these new sale shoes and the maxi skirt today for work on the Ministry of Fashion blog, and thought heyyy two outfit posts in two days on here - why not? You may notice that my hair's a little neater than yesterday though. FINALLY got a trim after about eight months. £18 for a 3 minute haircut - I kind of begrudge that but whatever. I'm quite missing that one-and-a-half inch of hair so I hope it grows back soon.

Has anyone got any exciting weekend plans? I'm off to the pub tonight and have plans to hit up a new club in town on Saturday too. In-between all of that, I plan on spending some time with my boyfriend and his family. Cannot wait!


  1. I love the skirt! I always tuck things into maxi skirts but I like this look you've got going on here, may have to give it a try! I need a tripod too, mine broke yesterday baaah.

  2. You're hair looks fab, I wish I had thick hair to pull of a full fringe.

    Have a great weekend, I'll be spending mine with the BF too.

  3. you look gorgeous girly! Have a fab weekend with the bf

  4. that necklace is lovely :) Forever 21 do amazing jewellery!

  5. aww, your bangs look great, rosie! :)

    <3, Mimi
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  6. Absolutely love your outfit and your hair. If you're looking for a cheap tripod then i recently got one from Amazon for £7 - bargain! x

  7. Those shoes are crazy but you are completely rocking them.
    Your hair looks amazing too !

  8. wow those shoes are amazing! x

  9. Those shoes! So pretty! I really like this outfit. You have great style.
    Your hair looks lovely :)

  10. Those platforms are awesome! They really brighten up the outfit; love that necklace too and your hair is looking lovely as always, even without the missing inch and a half ;)

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  11. love the flatforms ... gorgeous x

  12. Your shoes are absolutely amazing! I really need to have my hair cut but I'm dreading it as I'm trying to grow my hair and I just know the hairdresser will carelessly hack away :(

  13. The fringe suits you well! I've always love a super short fringe. I had it before but unfortunately it was sooo high maintenance that I decided to get rid of. There are so many times I am tempted to just chop it off but I knew I'd complain allll the time. Liking the wedges, it was a bold choice! xo

    The Young Bridget Jones


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