want = need

Monday, 23 July 2012

Yep, I need all of this. Unfortunately there are no means for me to acquire such delightful goods though. SOBS. Sobs. Sobs some more.

Life isn't all bad though. For one thing, I'm now the BLOG EDITOR for both Ministry of Fashion AND Mr Shoes. That's right. So instead of just writing for the blogs, I now have creative control over both of them - uploading my own articles as well as others, editing in Photoshop, social media shizz, and hopefully some events in the near future. I AM VERRRRRY EXCITABLE WHEN I THINK ABOUT IT FO' REAL.

If you could follow my new 'work' twitter (@Rosie_MOF) that would be marvy.



  1. Amazing news, congratulations lovely! Also I need those shorts

  2. I want those skull earrings! Congrats on the new role, exciting stuff!

  3. great picks. i am loving the wedges, they look SO comfortable!

    oo congratulations of being blog editor of another site, feel like a proud mother here :) xo

    The Young Bridget Jones

  4. Congrats on the new position, how exciting!!!

  5. Great picks, love the shorts so much and lovely skirt too! Awh congrats darling, thats amazing xx

  6. Woww those wedge creepers are amazing! Cute skirt too :)


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