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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

daisy print shirt: vintage
white fleck tee: Republic
denim shorts: H&M
gold statement necklace: Forever21
stone ring: Boots
sunglasses: Beyond Retro
black chelsea boots: vintage

Aaaand the mood is lifted thanks to two sunshine-y days. Maybe I have SAD because I'm infinitely more upbeat this week.

I'm just popping into town quickly in a sec to head to The Salvation Army where I got this beautiful shirt a couple of months back - maybe it'll provide me with some luck to find even more must-have garments? Paired with a relatively simple but comfy outfit, I still think this shirt is a knock-out.

Aside from a wander in town (where I will be going to say hello to my old colleagues in Boots and most definitely finding some kind of baked good for lunch) I'll be writing today as per, and heading out into town town tonight for a boogie with friends.

Has anyone else got any 'hump day' plans?


  1. YAY for daisies- adorable outfit! xx

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  2. The daisy print shirt is lovely <3 hope you find more gems at the Salvation Army! enjoy your night too xx

  3. I love the daisy print shirt! xx

  4. ooo you look lush! can't get enough of daisy prints atm x

  5. This is gooood! Still want your daisy shirt :)

  6. Gorgeous outfit, love everything! The boots are exactly what I'm looking for, love the daisy print shirt & tshirt xx

  7. Love the necklace! Super cute :)

  8. Pretty daisies and nail colour. :)


  9. I rekon I've got that SAD thing too cause I get so down when it rains - hate it! Love how you've worn the t-shirt it looks great x


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