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Friday, 15 June 2012

white cami: River Island
faux leather shorts: Jane Norman @ Debenhams
mint cardi: New Look
pink and blue cross necklaces: Forever 21
black tights: Superdrug
black suede wedges: Mr Shoes

Hair's all a'frizzle today. And I'm going with it.

I'm actually in love with my new Forever 21 necklaces and just had to get two colours when priced at only £1.50 each - barg. I've worn them practically every day for the past week or so. The same goes for my new wedges from Mr Shoes, too. Ha, and have you guys seen? My drunken mug has made it onto the website when I debuted the Judas Gaga Platform Pony Shoes. Note to self: outfit picture before Tesco's own Cava. Not the most flattering of pictures but MAN I do love those shoes.

It's Friiiiday - any plans for the weekend? I have zilch, except for spending the day with family on Sunday.


  1. I like how your hair looks :D loving these wedges, and those pink shoes look insane! xx

  2. Love your necklaces! I'm really into chunky jewellery atm. My plans for the weekend are going out in Bristol tomorrow which should be fun although the weather is putting me off doing anything :( x

    1. Ergh, same! :(
      It definitely needs to sort itself out! x

  3. Looked at the post : Those wedges baffle me - I keep thinking I'm seeing an illusion. Proves how awesome they are :)
    And I love the matching touch with the lipstick!
    It would be mine

  4. I love the leather shorts SO much! This is a look I'd love to rock to a festival it's perfect!


  5. I love the two necklaces layered together. Those shoes you're wearing on the Mr Shoes site are amaaaazing!!

    Laila x

  6. I have those necklaces and the black one! I got them agggeess ago must have come back in stock! Love them! Looking lush Rosie x

  7. Ooooo gorgeous pair of shoes m'dear!

  8. You're stunning! an your outfit is lovely xxx

  9. Love your bangs :) im a bit of a wuss to get that !!love the shoes

  10. Forever 21 was just has THE best jewelry. Fact. Everytime I'm there I just take everything I can get. And love the leather shorts, I ruined my mine in the washing machine the other day. Bad times. And I have pretty wedges like this too! Lovely blog!

    Gemma x


  11. I loveeee those shoes! And those necklaces were such a bargain! xxx

  12. wow- that judas platform! im still doubtful whether they are easy to walk on or not. still need your persuasion! they look absolutely gorgegous so i am definitely considering of buying them too.

    loving your fringe, they are just cute! xo

    The Young Bridget Jones


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