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Friday, 8 June 2012

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Forever considering myself as quite a girly girl who only occasionally ventures into boyish accessories (converse, leather and mannish jewellery have only recently come onto my periphery...) I'm quite surprised at my intrigue into metallic shoes that are cropping up everywhere - and, surprise surprise, Topshop have got it spot on with an abundance of stylish options. I guess you could say 'ooh, shiny shiny!' and think of the above shoes as definitely being girlish, but there is something quite robotic, sci-fi, 'I got a baaaad feeling about this' about them, no? 

Either way, I would be quite grateful if the Walton Bleach Wood Wedges (the bronze wooden wedges) or Loud Slingback Platform Sandals (silver heels) somehow ended up in my wardrobe. Even the Houpla Leather Strap Sandals (silver sandals) would be a great addition to my growing shoedrobe. 

Are you feeling magpie-like towards metallics too?

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  1. haha yes definitely!!
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