Wednesday, 13 June 2012

denim-look shirt: H&M
green jeans: George
statement gold necklace: Forever 21
black wedges: Mr Shoes

Sunshine? Whaaaaat?

Soz for the awkward pose here - my boyfriend actually snapped me for the first time ever and I felt weirdly uncomfortable. The people staring in the distance didn't help either, of course.

This is a recent Mr Shoes purchase. I've wanted a pair of shoes like these for ages that just go with everything. I can imagine them being worn year round and can't wait to style them up with summery outfits or tights and frilly socks in winter. Nom.

I'm off out tonight for some bevvies with the gang, and cannot wait. Have you got any midweek plans?


  1. Love the shoes, they look so cute! x

  2. love this outfit -especially the shoes!

  3. I love the shoes! I got my boyfriend to take photos of my outfit once and looked uncomfortable in all of them even though we were only in his back garden haha.

    Laila x

  4. i want them! one question i need to ask: my feet are wide and will they fit in them? xo

    The Young Bridget Jones

    1. My feet aren't particularly narrow and they fit me just fine - I reckon they'd fit you! :) xx

  5. Such a cool outfit!



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