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Saturday, 14 April 2012

stripey jumper: charity shop
blush crochet shorts: H&M
grey tights: Boots
'love' bracelet: Topshop
other bracelets: unknown
black flatforms: Mr Shoes

I can now officially say I no longer work on Saturdays: uh-mazing. I thought I'd feel at a bit of a loss as to what to do today but I slept in 'til 11 and it's been smooth sailing since then... aka, I've done nothing. Bliss.

This is possibly one of the nicest things I've picked up in a charity shop - I got it last year when I went to Devon with my bestie Charlee. It's just so easy and a perfect fit, too. As for the grey tights, I never know whether it's too far into the realms of 'schoolgirl'? Oh well. It makes a change from black. Truthfully, I'm looking to the days of not having a need for tights at all: is anyone else feeling a bit too chilly for spring?


  1. Love the shorts and I really like the grey tights on you! Not schoolgirly in the slightest, you look lovely


  2. ADORE the shorts & ADORE the sandals :) Looks cute really xx

  3. you definitely don't look like a school girl, I love the tights, adds something different to the outfit :) Ahh, lie ins are amazing! xo

  4. love the shorts, and I love finding a great charity shop item, great find! xx

  5. i wish it were a chilly springtime weather im enjoying too but it's very hot in the heat of summer from where i am. you look like such a darling though and i really like your love bracelet :) (new follower)

  6. Charity shops for the win!

  7. lovely outfit- i llllllove your shorts! so cute! xx

  8. I love the shoes! And the shorts are really cute. It is still a bit chilly for Spring, I went out today in a crop top owwwhh I regretted that!

    Laila x

  9. the outfit is darling! loving your new blog design



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