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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

navy patterned midi skirt: BHS £2.99
orange midi skirt: Sara Neal £2.99
floral autumnal blouse: Papaya £.3.99 
white floral blouse: Exclusive D by Dolores £1.99
plum cropped blouse: Topshop £2.00
daisy print blouse: Carrenac £4.99

I experienced major charity shop success today. Unfortunately, that's a rarity for me. My local charity shops sprout the odd gem but mostly, they are full of tripe. Today I struck gold in The Salvation Army. I first spotted the plum-coloured blouse (which is very old Topshop) and fell in love. Next came the Papaya blouse and the simple white blouse - although they're not incredible, I figured they'd look super sweet this summer with denim shorts and bare legs.

In the skirt section, I found two swish midi skirts: the first, a navy patterned number and the second, a bright orange one. Totes on trend, yah? As a shortarse, I always panic that long skirts will look ridiculous on me but after trying them on, I think they'll look great with a simple white tee and sandals this summer.

My favourite favourite favourite garment is the daisy print blouse. It was actually part of a skirt suit and although I would have happily taken the skirt too (albeit, never to be worn together - hi Miss Frumpy!) it didn't fit. Thankfully, the woman let me take just the blouse after a little prying. It's hard to explain but not only is the print perfect, the shape is too - when this sodding rain sods off I'll be sure to show you all properly.

I also got encouraged to purchase a re:bag for 99p. It comes with a loyalty card where if you take in some donations in the bag, you get £2 to spend in store. On the reverse side of the card is a point system - every time you spend £5 you get a stamp, and after 10 stamps you get £5 to spend in store. I actually think this is genius. It inspires you to get rid of clothes you never wear and trade them in for clothes you'll love, while also giving to charity. Win, win, win.

Has anyone else struck charity shop gold lately? #goodmood


  1. wow, what a cool idea with the loyalty card! I long for chazzers to do loyalty schemes, I'm always dropping donations off (i think it gives me good karma for finds!) I love your finds they all look fab and I can't wait to see them, I can't wait for this bloody rain to stop!
    Xo Amie

  2. These are AMAZING finds, I'm definitely following your example! I found some chelsea boots for £3 in a charity shop the other day :D love the daisy top the best! xxx

  3. great finds, rosie! it's been a while since i last struck charity shop gold -- i found a nice faux leather jacket at goodwill about 7 months ago. ;)

    <3, Mimi

  4. your orange skirt is amazing, I love a good charity shop binge - you've inspired me to go on Saturday, ahh excitingg x

  5. What amazing finds, love the orange skirt! x

  6. Awesome, I love it all but especially the patterned skirt and the daisy print shirt! I've seen the signs around my local SA for the re:bag thing but never found out about it - sounds pretty good! Especially as my one doesn't give out carrier bags any more!

    Laila x

  7. that rebag idea is awesome. I wish the shops near me did that. Looks like you scored some great stuff. I never have any luck at the thrift shops near me.

  8. I absolutely love that daisy print blouse, charity shop finds are the best :) x

  9. I never have any luck with charity shops but you got some gorgeous things! That re:bag thing is such a good idea xxx


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