details of the day #15

Friday, 20 April 2012

floral batwing top: George 
denim jacket: H&M
black bodycon skirt: H&M
gold cross earrings: Topshop
black tights: Boots
grey converse: Converse, NY

nails: Barry M in Bright Pink and Models Own in Pink Fizz

wake up feeling completely inspired for some reason / get cracking on my stay-at-home writing job, rushing down some Crunchy Nut in the process / write four pieces before lunch and then scoff on some delicious homemade vegetable cous cous while watching the new Vampire Diaries episode (oh. my god.) / crack on with the rest of my articles while listening to music: I discover that listening to The Lion King and Wicked soundtrack help immensely, who knew?! / I found out that my bestie got a job she's been after and I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER / after having an extremely productive day (and finishing early for the first time this week) I treat myself to a hot bath and a Chinese takeaway

I'm soon to be meeting my boyfriend at the radio station (he's, like, so on the air right now) and then we're off to the pub to celebrate Charlee's new job and seeing our friend Hannah before she goes back to university. Any Friday night plans, anyone?


  1. Chick flicks and duvet on the sofa kind of night for me! Your day sounds super productive and with a fun evening too- jealous!

    And your skin looks absolutely stunning in that photo by the way! xx

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  2. Sounds like a great day you've had! Ahh I love Wicked, good tunes! I've just been with my boyfriend's fam, home now though. Enjoy your night :) xx

  3. Sounds like a busy day! My Friday night was a curry and a trip to Morrisons, not too exciting!


  4. Have fun it's dinner and movies for me!

  5. Awh you look so pretty :) love your nails! Sounds you had such a productive day xx

  6. Those pictures have a proper 90s feel to them, I love it! x

  7. I love the colour of your converse! Hope you enjoyed your Friday night xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage


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