extravagant volume

Monday, 26 March 2012

It's not often that I find a beauty product I'm mad about. I've only worn the new No7 mascara for a few days and I'm already smitten - to the point of not being able to imagine buying another mascara, ever. Like, ever.

Boots released Extravagant Lashes a while back which, honestly, is crapola. I didn't have high hopes at all for this new one but - mostly due to the free smoky eyeliner gift they're selling it with - I bought it and am so glad I did. It really does add great volume and length but without being too clumpy - I might even feel comfortable going fake eyelashes-less on a night out which is saying something. It's just perfect.

You seriously won't be sorry if you purchase this miracle worker. At the moment make-up is on a big 3 for 2 at Boots, plus you get the free gift... can't be bad, can it?

Erm, get it.
It's amazing.

P.S. Did I mention this mascara is amazing?


  1. I feel like I'm constantly looking for a mascara that gives me some volume, might try this one out thanks for the review chick ;)


  2. wow, this sounds amazing! i wonder if we have that here, hmmm... i hope we do! ;)

    <3, Mimi


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