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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

 grey elbow-patch jumper: H&M
stripey long-sleeved tee: H&M
black leggings: Topshop
faux leather jacket: Republic
leopard print ear-warmer: Topshop
burgundy bobbly scarf: hand-me-down
feather cluster necklace: Boots
velvet gloves: Topshop
chelsea boots: Heartshaker

I'm wearing some super comfy clothes this afternoon after a busy morning at work but decided I just had to do an outfit post because the lighting was just so beautiful outside with the snow. And it's amazing how an outfit can be jazzed up with some leather, leopard print, wine-coloured lips and chelsea boots anyway.

I know people are already getting fed up with the snow (seriously, it's only been three days) but I just love it. Don't get me wrong, I'm a summer girl through-and-through but if it has to be winter, then why can't it be pretty whilst being bitterly cold? So people are struggling with their cars or transport... me and my Mickey (navy blue Ford KA that's shaped like a mouse, hiyaaaa!) are having a blast out there.

Keep it coming Mr Weatherman. I hear we have another six weeks of this...


  1. I'm a big fan of the snow too but sadly there isn't any here just now, it looks so pretty in your photos!
    I love the faux fur ear-warmer, it looks gorgeous with this cosy outfit!

    Gillian x

  2. the hat!!! in love xx

  3. Ahh you look so cute Rosie! I think we are the same, I hate cold but if its going to be freezing might as well be pretty! x

  4. Im loving everyones snow shots it's so magical. Your leopard print ear warmer is gorgeous.

  5. I love your ear warmer! I want it!!

  6. LOVE the hat! Looks so comfy for this rubbish weather haha


  7. the lighting is indeed amazing! the snow looks so beautiful! :)

    <3, Mimi
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  8. Oooo you look so warm and cosy! Love it!

  9. love the head band/ear warmers. pretty photos x

  10. You look lovely :) And I love the ear warmer x

  11. Perfect outfit, and youre right about the lighting, its gorgeous x

  12. So pretty! We love the way you've layered this!

    PS. We've a DORIS giveaway on our blog! Check it out, if you'd like! :)

    ox from NYC,


  13. Oh I love this outfit! Love the stripes, the leopard, the headband and the chelsea boots! I do agree that the snow is pretty but I wish it would warm up a bit! Xxx

  14. I love your striped tee and your hair is super adorable! :)

  15. really like this outfit!
    love the combination of this ear warmer & the burgundy color!
    and your blog is great aswell!! :)

    xx ju ===>

  16. I love how you look gorgeous whilst still really casual! That's a skill that is! Love the layering and the stripes are just perfect :)



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