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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

There's been a lot of negativity surrounding Valentine's Day this year and it can be rather annoying, don't you think? Just embrace it - taken or otherwise - and have fun! Don't get me wrong, I didn't used to be fussed when it came to the 14th of February. But then perhaps that's because I never did anything so I acted like I didn't care? Either way, a thoughtful gesture or two can completely change your mind.

Now I'm a big fan and I sort of had a big cheesy grin on my face yesterday. Without detailing the entire story and coming across all gushy, my boyfriend surprised me with flowers that were sitting in my porch upon my return home from work, and the card told me to be ready for dinner at 7. We ate at a cute (and delicious) Thai restaurant which I had previously mentioned wanting to visit, and he handed me a handmade card with my glorious Gavin & Stacey-esque petname. Even the sticky rice basket I so desperately wanted - having not bought one on my travels due to luggage issues - managed to come home with me due to some sneaky sneaky work by Daniel. What a catch, ay?

So much for him telling me he thought yesterday was to be Pancake Day. He'd been planning this for weeks!

Has anyone got any cute / funny / "pass me the bucket" stories from yesterday? I'd love to hear them.


  1. Aww how cute! I do love a good romantic surprise! I came home to my 'doesn't believe in valentines' boyfriend along with candles, cupcakes, roses and cocktails :) made my day!
    p.s love the little sneaky rice basket!

  2. OOOh what a sweet boyfriend you have there. Happy Belated Valentines Day Lovely X

  3. I don't like the negativity toward Valentines either! It's such a fun and cute holiday!

  4. Awww I think Valentines Day can be fun wether you spend it with your boyfriend or friends. I personally love the excuse to be cheesy and buy heart shaped chocolate!
    I was given a hige bunch of lillies and was taken to the cinema and pizaa express over three consecutive nights. Very lucky indeed!

  5. I spent valentines day with my cats... ahahh

    I love the aethetics of your blog!

    You've got a new follower!/laura_blush


  6. Aw cute, I like little understated gestures (like stealing the rice basket..). Me and the boy cooked dinner together, and apart from nearly setting fire to a tea towel it all went well <3 x

  7. Thats the most adorable thing ever!
    You lucky lucky girl
    I adore valentines day and am glad to hear you had a good one

  8. Awww that is very sweet of him! After 12 years my husband and I have gotten a bit bored of valentines day so didn't celebrate it in anyway this year. Reading your post has made me realise that was a little sad and we should still embrace it. Next year I will make more of an effort!


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