#febphotoaday so far

Friday, 10 February 2012

'your view today' | my garden through my bedroom window 
'handwriting' | #sayhowyoureallyfeelrosie
'words' | I love reading sweet comments from my readers
'stranger' | well, I don't even know myself really
'10am' | more like 12pm but still... looking at the snow out the window of a pub where I stayed overnight with my boyfriend
'dinner' | a really boring but comforting meal; mum's Monday night baked potato
'button' | just fyi, this is my boyfriend's behind
'sun' | ridiculously bright and beautiful on another snowy morning
'front door' | I actually love where me and my family live; I still want to move out though...


  1. Lovely photos, your view is beautiful and your Mums baked potato looks delicious.

  2. Love these pics! I always think these kinda posts look SO cute :) I adore the handwriting <3 and I'm desp for a baked tater now :p


  3. pretty photos, love a good baked potato :) I can just about see my comment in the third pic! xo

  4. These photos are lovely
    you and your boyfriend are super super cute


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