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Thursday, 5 January 2012

slippers: F&F @ Tesco
floral batwing tee: G21 @ George
cat tee: Miss Selfridge
handmade crochet cover-up: charity shop
wine-coloured silky playsuit: Miss Selfridge
floral CD case: handmade by a friend
No7 nail varnishes in Devil's Delight and Blackberry: Boots

My mum has surprised me in the last two days by purchasing the above handmade crochet number from a local charity shop and a really flattering batwing sleeve floral top. I may have been a bit of a moaner in recent weeks due to not being able to buy anything with my lack of funds, and I think she felt a little sorry for me. Bless her!

Despite this, I have managed to get the odd thing in the past couple of weeks - for purely essential reasons of course - and I thought I'd show you them. The slippers I got after work today because I've been looking for the perfect pair and I've finally found them. Here's to being toasty warm! I bought the lush playsuit for New Year's Eve because it was the only thing I could actually find - I. Hate. Sales. - but I really quite love it. And the fantastic feline tee happened to be near it in the petite section and I just couldn't say no. As a worker of Boots, I know how to treat myself cheaply - these lovely nail varnishes were purchased with my No7 vouchers. Add in the discount and I think I paid 42p for these babies. In fact, I know I paid 42p. I do it a lot.

Found yourself any fabulous bargains as of late?


  1. The playsuit is lovely, you look gorgeous!


  2. I have that playsuit! I wore it in the summer. & I just loveee that cat tee - so cute :) x x

  3. The playsuit it gorgeous and suits you perfectly! The slippers are super cute too, nothing beats putting your feet into some cosey slippers!


  4. love the playsuit and the slippers look soo comfy:)

  5. That cat T is so cute I cant wait to see you wearing it.

  6. Cats and nail polish? I'm there. My favorite!! I don't own any nail polish myself, but I really need to get the heck on it and invest in some. There's nothing better than a night by myself painting my nails with something lovely on Netflix :)

  7. Ohhh I love everything you bought :) xxx

  8. I think the best deal I found after Christmas was a pair of brown boots for 49.99 after an extra discount. I love the wine playsuit. It suit your style.

  9. 42p?! So jealous! Loving that cat print tee though!
    Much Love
    Roisin Elizabeth

  10. Love the look of the crochet cover up! It'll be great for winter and summer.
    Your playsuit looks gorgeous too!
    How cute is your mum feeling sorry for you about the lack of shopping?? My dad would never feel sorry for me over clothes! xx

  11. I'm after some cosy new slippers at the moment, they look so comfy! Love that playsuit aswel, really liking that colour at the moment, oh and 42p, how lucky are you?!

  12. fantastic buys! those slippers will be perfect for winter :)


  13. Is there anything better than a cat wearing glasses? I think not. I love your cat slippers too, they make mine seem so un-cosy! xx

  14. love the jumpsuit!

  15. I need a job in Boots if I can pick up No7 nail varnished for 42p!

  16. I love the sound of a good bargain. great finds, the slippers look so cozy and the jumpsuit looks terrific on you!


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