traveller's wrists

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

brown bead bracelet: Siem Reap, Cambodia
gold and green bead black bracelet: Bangkok, Thailand
red bead black plait bracelet: Chiang Mai, Thailand
cluster bead bracelet: Hoi An, Vietnam

left wrist: plait string from monk in Chiang Mai / other four from hostesses at a traditional Laos meal who had them blessed at a local temple in Luang Prabang
right wrist: red & purple string from nun at Ta Prohm (Tomb Raider temple) in Cambodia / red string from nun at Angkor Thom in Cambodia / four white strings are also from the hostesses at the Laos meal

I've been meaning to post these pictures for a while. These are what my wrists looked like for my two months away in South East Asia and even though I've been back for over a month now (sob), my wrists still feel completely bare. And the amusing tan lines are there as a constant reminder.

On my return home, I had to take them off - for work mostly, but also for hygienic reasons I suppose. The actual bracelets have obviously been kept and I try to wear them every now and then. And there was no way I was getting rid of my blessings, so I've tied them together with some purple ribbon and they're now hanging in my bedroom. The deal with them is that you are blessed by a monk or nun - for good health, good luck, good money... - and you must wear them for at least three days before you take them off. Naturally, I wore them for the entire time.

Oh, and while I'm talking about my travels... when I was in Siem Reap I found a literary magazine in Riverside Cafe, where I was enjoying a beverage with my friend Gilly. I decided to write a poem about something I'd seen in Siem Reap that day. I wrote it in my hotel room when I arrived back in Bangkok and sent it off to them. Here's the finished result: The Siem Reader Issue 4


  1. Im always a bit of a hippy when I travel overseas as well. Beautiful poem!

  2. They are amazing and I'm so glad for the poem :) xxx

  3. so you wrote the Along the Riverbend poem right? Impressive, very impressive.

  4. Oh that's so lovely. I love the symbolism behind the blessings.

  5. They are absolutely gorgeous! I love the fact they tell the tale of your journey too!


  6. wow fantastic bracelets! Did you enjoy Cambodia? I went there to live in a temple with extended family in 2009 hehe. Love <3


  7. Seriously some great bracelets, these are my favorite types xx
    Morgan xx

  8. I love the fact they all had a little story to tell! Memories that will last forever!

  9. i took off some of mine, but i'm still wearing a bracelet made by someone i met in guatemala in 2010. it's totally disgusting by now but i can't cut it off! it would've maybe been a better plan to make something nice out of them instead like you did haha :) x

  10. I love the look of a whole herd of bracelets especially ones with an ethnic feel to them. congrats on being published!

  11. pretty bracelets!

  12. These are gorgeous! I love jewellery with a bit of meaning. xx


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