Tuesday, 31 January 2012

As of tomorrow, I'll be taking part in the Photo-A-Day challenge via Instagram. I love getting involved in stuff like this and think it's a great way to keep those creative juices flowing. Hey, who knows... maybe my 'view today' will be of snow tomorrow. How exciting.

Find me: 'carelessly_cut' or 'Rosie Savage'

saturday night snapshot

Sunday, 29 January 2012

sparkly skater dress: Topshop
blue furry gold-strap bag: Primark
stone ring: Boots
earrings: Dorothy Perkins
black suede wedges: Mr Shoes

nails: 17 in 'Nightshade' and Bourjois in '18'
lipstick: No7 Stay Perfect in 'Tranquil Rose'
fake eyelashes: Eylure No 107

A blog post on a drunken night out? Really? Well, yes. But only because I want to show you all my new favourite dress. It was an absolute steal the other week. Priced at £36 and in the 'Last Chance To Buy' section, I ummmmed and ahhhhed over it but had wanted it ever since it came online so decided to go for it. It had a noticeable loose thread on the back too so I thought I could get a little money off it, anyway. Go to the till, and it scans up at £20. Get. In. Take off the 10% and a gift card that my brother got me for Christmas, and I bought the dress for £8. Barg.

Snapshots include my matchy-matchy nails, my favourite pair of heels, my hair in a side ponytail thing (very unusual for me but the dress had a low back so...), my most-worn ring on my 'claw' hand (always makes an appearance on a night out) and me with the girls and my boyfriend, Daniel. 

I had a fab time dancing the night away - no doubt thanks to the dress - and am certainly paying for it today.

tickled pink

Friday, 27 January 2012

all Topshop

I'm thinking of purchasing these perfectly pink jeans soon, and am already imagining how to style them. Teamed with other pastel shades - who else loves the pale pink/lilac combo?! - I think they'd look perfect this spring.

A pretty white tee is the only choice for the upper-half really, and then I'd go 'quirky' on the extras: seriously round sunglasses, necessary gold jewellery and the sweetest addition in the pastel-tastic feather clip. Is anyone else getting eager for summer already? I keep having the same recurring dream... me in my denim shorts, cider in hand, a slightly sweaty sheen to my skin, The Wombats wowing on stage (take me back to V!), and that beautiful sun is a-shining...

mr shoes fashion blogger

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

 Full post here 

Do you see who posted these articles on the Mr Shoes blog? Rosie Savage? Yep, that's me. Say hello to their new Fashion Blogger!

Months ago I posted about my new favourite pair of shoes - they still blow me away - and that's where it all began really. I'm ever-so-grateful to Tanya who I've been working with on this because it's given me the opportunity to write for an actual website which is something I've always longed to do.

Have a little read if you fancy, and I'd be so happy if you'd share it via Facebook or Twitter or even subscribe to the blog and leave comments. I hope you like them! Oh, and seriously purchase a pair of shoes from the website if you haven't already. They are honestly my favourite brand and if it wasn't for their heels, I wouldn't be able to dance for five hours straight. And that would be devastating.

thank you, Claire

Sunday, 22 January 2012

I really dislike moaners, worry-guts, attention-seekers... but I am having the shittest time work/money wise lately. It's beginning to impact just a tad on my mood most of the time, and I'm really not liking it. But that's why even the tiniest of gestures are making me super happy right now. I came into my room last night after a much-needed bubble bath and found my mum had left a bag of Crunchie Rocks on my desk for me to consume Bridget Jones-style. And on a bigger scale, my boyfriend surprised me earlier on in the week with a domain name for this dear ol' blog, and I practically balled my eyes out. With happiness, of course.

That's why I was extremely chuffed when I found out that I had won Claire's Bisous giveaway the other day. Out of the fabulous three that she'd blogged about, I just couldn't resist the darling robots! I was so happy to find them when I came home last night from a particularly brutal day at work that I adorned them straight away: hence the oh-so-professional sock marks.

While I'm sure that my problems will not be solved overnight, I'm determined to keep a positive head on. I mean, what more could possibly go wrong when wearing these little cuties?! Thank you, Claire :)

traveller's wrists

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

brown bead bracelet: Siem Reap, Cambodia
gold and green bead black bracelet: Bangkok, Thailand
red bead black plait bracelet: Chiang Mai, Thailand
cluster bead bracelet: Hoi An, Vietnam

left wrist: plait string from monk in Chiang Mai / other four from hostesses at a traditional Laos meal who had them blessed at a local temple in Luang Prabang
right wrist: red & purple string from nun at Ta Prohm (Tomb Raider temple) in Cambodia / red string from nun at Angkor Thom in Cambodia / four white strings are also from the hostesses at the Laos meal

I've been meaning to post these pictures for a while. These are what my wrists looked like for my two months away in South East Asia and even though I've been back for over a month now (sob), my wrists still feel completely bare. And the amusing tan lines are there as a constant reminder.

On my return home, I had to take them off - for work mostly, but also for hygienic reasons I suppose. The actual bracelets have obviously been kept and I try to wear them every now and then. And there was no way I was getting rid of my blessings, so I've tied them together with some purple ribbon and they're now hanging in my bedroom. The deal with them is that you are blessed by a monk or nun - for good health, good luck, good money... - and you must wear them for at least three days before you take them off. Naturally, I wore them for the entire time.

Oh, and while I'm talking about my travels... when I was in Siem Reap I found a literary magazine in Riverside Cafe, where I was enjoying a beverage with my friend Gilly. I decided to write a poem about something I'd seen in Siem Reap that day. I wrote it in my hotel room when I arrived back in Bangkok and sent it off to them. Here's the finished result: The Siem Reader Issue 4

details of the day #11

Friday, 13 January 2012

grey elbow-pads jumper: H&M
 feather cluster necklace: Boots
orange ring: Boots
nail varnish: Mushroom by Barry M
black leggings: Topshop
black loafers: Mr Shoes

a familiar, and unwanted, day at work / the only standout event: a woman asked me for advice on anti-ageing skincare products so I was commenting on one and she said, rather rudely, "How would you know? You're twelve!" OK. Don't ask me if you don't think I can recommend. Bitch. / receive a pleasing email to do with a writing project I'm working on - smiley Rosie / make it home alive and cook myself a delicious tomato and mascarpone pasta dish with mushrooms, brussel sprouts and peas: NOM / listen to my boyfriend's radio show (@TSOmusic) / and I THINK I'm about to head to the pub.

It's work again for me tomorrow, but then I'm having a girlie sleepover and cannot WAIT.
What are you all doing this weekend?

lily loves lola

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

 elephant and buddha charm bracelets: Lily Loves Lola
nail varnish: Block Orange by Barry M
grey cardi: H&M
burgundy tee: Topshop

While I did pick up some wonderful bits of jewellery on my travels (I'll have to remember to show you my elephant necklace, fish earrings and numerous bracelets someday) I couldn't resist getting these two charm bracelets to remind me of my time away. I stumbled across Sarah's 500 Days of Fashion and she posted about her recent purchases from Lily Loves Lola, and I just couldn't resist.

They arrived quickly and were exactly what I wanted - you can even pick your colour of cotton. They were also reasonably priced (£2.50 each) and shipping was only £1.50. Definitely no complaints here. I'll just have to get my dad to tighten them a little obviously - I suck at that kind of thing - and then they'll be perfect. I only wish I'd gotten the strawberry one as well because of my visit to the strawberry farm in the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. D'oh!

stars in their eyes

Sunday, 8 January 2012

star print blouse: H! by Henry Holland @ Debenhams
black leather shorts: Jane Norman @ Debenhams
double chain ring: Little Me
leaf ring: Dorothy Perkins
stone ring: Boots
natural tan tights: Boots
No7 Devil's Delight nail varnish: Boots
black strap wedges: Mr Shoes

I went out on Friday night to celebrate my (newly-established) boyfriend's 22nd birthday - although according to him he's still 21, of course. I may have had a mini-breakdown during the week over what to wear - sucks to be a girl right? - but this blouse came to me in a dream and practically screamed "Wear me!" because the poor beauty doesn't get a lot of wear. Goodness knows why.

Dancing in my favourite pair of heels and being forced to drink far too much resulted in a pretty fab night. Yesterday I went out for lunch with Daniel and some of his family which was lovely, and right now I'm willing myself to get in the kitchen to start cooking a delicious Laos curry, chicken and cashew nuts, and jasmine rice. Nom.

How has everybody else's weekends been?

recent purchases

Thursday, 5 January 2012

slippers: F&F @ Tesco
floral batwing tee: G21 @ George
cat tee: Miss Selfridge
handmade crochet cover-up: charity shop
wine-coloured silky playsuit: Miss Selfridge
floral CD case: handmade by a friend
No7 nail varnishes in Devil's Delight and Blackberry: Boots

My mum has surprised me in the last two days by purchasing the above handmade crochet number from a local charity shop and a really flattering batwing sleeve floral top. I may have been a bit of a moaner in recent weeks due to not being able to buy anything with my lack of funds, and I think she felt a little sorry for me. Bless her!

Despite this, I have managed to get the odd thing in the past couple of weeks - for purely essential reasons of course - and I thought I'd show you them. The slippers I got after work today because I've been looking for the perfect pair and I've finally found them. Here's to being toasty warm! I bought the lush playsuit for New Year's Eve because it was the only thing I could actually find - I. Hate. Sales. - but I really quite love it. And the fantastic feline tee happened to be near it in the petite section and I just couldn't say no. As a worker of Boots, I know how to treat myself cheaply - these lovely nail varnishes were purchased with my No7 vouchers. Add in the discount and I think I paid 42p for these babies. In fact, I know I paid 42p. I do it a lot.

Found yourself any fabulous bargains as of late?

farewell 2011

Sunday, 1 January 2012

2011 has been the best year of my life so far, without question. For me there's been a drastic lifestyle change: an important relationship ended, my social life sky-rocketed, my friends have never been closer, my confidence has never been stronger, my laugh has never been louder, and my hair has never been blonder.

There was a life-changing trip to South East Asia; unforgettable weekends at both V Festival and Brownstock; my surprisingly enjoyable graduation ceremony; my 21st birthday; a trip to Devon with my best friend to see my sorely-missed sister; an out-of-this-world week in New York; a quick getaway to my parent's caravan on the beach with my girls, where we acted like children; spending the day in London with my sister and watching The Wizard of Oz, in a much-successful effort to cheer me up; numerous walks along the seafront; my best friend's summer get-together entitled 'Lystorfest'; published work in Cellardoor Magazine, Noir, Missfits and Segue; numerous nights out; Lee Evans at the O2; a wonderful week in the New Forest in the lead-up to Christmas; and Christmas and New Year's Eve (the last picture above) were pretty damn special this year too.

I don't even know if 2012 is in with a fighting chance.