Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Click through to see my new and improved tumblr page.
I got out of sync with it for a while there but realise I actually love it - it's just so much better than keeping an obscene amount of folders of inspiration on my hard drive.
Let Rosie's photo diary commence...

Oh, and let me know your URLs too!

shake it loose

Monday, 30 May 2011

both £29.99 at Zara

Loose-fitting dresses, tops, knitwear... it's always been appealing to me. Hardly ever will you find me in a tight-fitting garment because while I love dressing up, experimenting and generally being 'fashionable', I like to be comfortable too both physically and mentally.

Zara currently have some beautiful breezy pieces floating about - see what I did there? The above white blouse which, frankly, I would try to pass off as a summery dress is a stand-alone wonder - team it with some sandals, sunnies and a headscarf and you're done. I'm also particularly fond of the paisley-esque tunic for its sweet neckline and turned-up sleeves.

What do you think?

sunday catch-up #2

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Blogger has decided to love me again and actually, well, let me log on - hurrah! A quick catch-up for you tonight. This is a picture from Tuesday evening where Robyn and I were, let's say, a little more than merry as were all of our other amazing friends. It still feels tremendously odd to have finished university.

In other earth shattering news, I've been working some extra hours in order to save up lots of money and have also been looking around for other jobs and experience and whatnot. Last night was a welcome break away from all of that serious stuff though. I travelled to Kentish Town to meet up with Robyn for her birthday celebrations where I got to meet her wonderful housemates and friends. Today has been a delicate one, that's for sure.

How have your weeks been? I've sort of been kept out of the loop...

i've forgotten your kiss

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

floral full-length skirt: vintage

black cropped jumper: H&M
burgundy cotton shirt: Topshop
black suede wedges: New Look
owl necklace: Forever 21
stone ring: Boots

This outfit saw me through my mock interview yesterday. I was originally going to wear what I said in my last post but came to realise that trousers just aren't me at all. Besides, this skirt is a lot more interesting and statement-worthy I think - I picked it up on Monday in a local charity shop for a mere £3 and am a little in love.

I've since realised that I've flashed you my oh-so-saucy gnat bites too. I counted 20+ bites on my legs the other day after being in my friend's garden for about 15 minutes - a bit ridic, don't you think? It's OK though - a wonderful steak dinner at Spoons yesterday followed by delicious warm chocolate fudge cake and ice-cream (too yummy) and later followed by celebratory goodbye drinks with lots of uni friends (last day yesterday!) made me completely forget that I wanted to scratch my legs off... almost.

The end of an era is certainly upon me and I feel ever-so-slightly uneasy right about now.

sunday catch-up #1

Sunday, 22 May 2011

1. Good food - Nando's on Tuesday with the lovely Robyn and Wetherspoons on Thursday with Robyn, Natalie and Jessica to celebrate our FMP marks and last official day.

2. A shopping trip on Wednesday with the purpose of finding something interview-worthy. I'm thinking of wearing the second picture's ensemble but it's certainly not final.
Rusty-coloured top: Primark
White ruffle blouse: Primark

Black jumper: H&M

Black blouse: Primark

Grey floral cropped trousers: H&M

3. Me rather impressed with the quality of a Collection 2000 lipstick that I'd bought and put on whilst shopping: it withstood food in a shockingly good way.

4. Me driving the wonderful Charlee and Carlo to the cinema to see Pirates of the Caribbean 4. Johnny Depp = <3.

5+ Last night I got to meet my friend Hannah's university friends and I hadn't seen her for AGES because she's studying in Cardiff. It was a night fuelled by too much alcohol, lots of dancing and sore sore feet; and it was bloody good. Just realised I do the same facial expression every time though... must work on that.

hidden gems

Friday, 20 May 2011

With shopping magnets such as Topshop, Miss Selfridge and H&M, I think we sometimes forget that the lesser-known, less fashion-forward and cheaper shops can still surprise us now and then. Peacocks has normally been the place I go to for cheap strappy tops or underwear but lately I've been intrigued by a lot more.

£30, £25, £30 - all Peacocks

Their range of palazzo pants is stronger than lots of other retailers and I'm in love with the above three. While they might be a little too sheer, the floral printed versions are sweet and summery, and the more robust rusty pair will go with just about everything.

£22, £14, £25 - all Peacocks

The red tea dress is too cute for words and the floaty chiffon-esque number is perfect for day or night this summer. I love the Missoni inspiration that I'm getting from the middle dress - with a simple pair of sandals it would look just perfect.

£10, £20, £14 - all Peacocks

I'm a little smitten with the lace black peep flats and will just have to try them on when I'm next out shopping. The floral wedges and low-heel black sandals show just how 'trendy' Peacocks are getting too.

Have you bought anything particularly wonderful from Peacocks lately? Or do you just pass it by like I normally do?

P.S. They're offering £1 online delivery at the moment, just FYI.

details of the day #7

Thursday, 19 May 2011

polka dot dress: H&M
sleeveless denim jacket: New Look
feather cluster necklace: Boots
ring aka weapon: H&M
flower hairclip: Accessorize
black lace booties: River Island

Cor, it's been an emotional one today. After much suspense and waiting, I found out my grade for my Final Major Project which I'm fairly happy with. I should be on track to get the 2:1 I desperately want! Whether it's this that has made me an emotional wreck today or the Koppaberg I had with lunch, who knows? I've been all over the place anyway so am blogging, listening to Gaga and tidying my room to retain some normality in my life.

Tomorrow I shall be working on my portfolio (got a mock interview next week which I am supposed to take it to - eeks!) and going to see Pirates of the Caribbean 4 in the evening with some wonderful chums - two hours of Johnny Depp, can't be bad can it? Saturday night is set to be a good'un too but more on that later...

How has everyone else's day been?

pretty pleats

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

cream pleat blouse: vintage
denim shorts: H&M
desert boots: Primark
rucksack: No. 8a at the Ace Hotel in
New York
statement necklace: Forever 21,
Times Square
green ring: Forever 21, Times Squa
black tights: Boots

I picked this blouse up a while back and wish I'd shown you a closer look: it has pleat detail down the button section (which you can mostly see in the second picture) and a really sweet collar design (which you can't see at all - must get better at this...) I think I bought it for about £2, which is just amazing when you consider some high street shops selling £40+ blouses with nowhere near as much oomph.

I'm also wearing some NYC buys, as I said I would. I love the necklace because it completely makes the outfit, and I've wanted a khaki rucksack for ages and this baby was only $30. To have picked it up in such a cool place makes it all the better too. This is the Ace Hotel where we breakfasted one morning:

My day has pretty much consisted of uni and the usual, as well as helping my brother revise for his English GCSE tomorrow and giving him a breather by watching Due Date. Zach Galifianakis is just LOLsome and I'm a wee bit excited for The Hangover 2.

new york buys: rings & shoes

Monday, 16 May 2011

the big apple (once full of chocolate): Duty Free at JFK
gold, silver & bronze ring trio: Urban Outfitters
green ring: Forever 21, Times Square
red and orange bubble rings: Marc Jacobs, Bleecker Street

heart compact: Marc Jacobs, Bleecker Streetgrey converse: Lady Footlocker
black strappy sandals: Urban Outfitters

black lace-up wedges: Steven at Century21

Sometimes it's just plain good fun to mess about with your old Logitech webcam.

These are some of my buys that I promised to show you. I also plan on wearing a Forever 21 necklace tomorrow so I'll hopefully do an outfit post then. I also plan to show you my vintage buys soon, as well as a sweet rucksack I picked up at No8.A in the Ace Hotel I told you about.

Happy Monday!

details of the day #6

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Peter Pan-collar star blouse: H! by Henry Holland at Debenhams
'jeggings': Topshop
mocassins: River Island (NOTE - they look comfortable, but make my feet die a slow and painful death)
green ring: Forever 21 in Times Square

a trip into uni, which takes surprisingly less time thanks to my new iPhone - yum / a lecture: basically a complete scare about our upcoming mock interviews and future careers / a delicious butternut squash and red humous wrap from M&S / some uni socialising / a McDonald's: yes, I had two lunches / made myself some spaghetti bologneise for dinner when I got home - beginning to think I'm food-obsessed?! / worked on some pieces I'm currently writing for a magazine / a quick catch-up with some Glee, 90210, One Tree Hill etc / sleep.

I'm sure we all know that Blogger has had some minor issues for the past couple of days, so this details post is actually about Friday. Today is a very different story - black leggings, oversized red Coca-Cola t-shirt that I've been wearing to bed since forever... actual bliss if I'm honest.

i want to live inside a mushroom house

Thursday, 12 May 2011

dotcomgiftshop certainly know how to get me pining. A house or flat is not on the cards for me any time soon but I constantly imagine what will be making its way into my future abode. The website's selection is varied, to say the least, but above are a few of my current picks.

Cups and saucers excite me no end (I live a fascinating life) and this set is just too sweet. The vintage skittle set reminds me of playing games at my great grandparents' house way back when, and the mushroom candles are just adorable - Smurfs, anyone?! And while I'm aware that making your own paper chains and bunting is relatively simple, the above two are great for inspiration.

I posted about dotcomgiftshop as a newbie blogger some time ago here if you want to see what I chose then. And yes, that is the same teacup. I must really love it...


Wednesday, 11 May 2011

top row: Traffic People at ASOS, Topshop, Yayer, River Island.
middle row: Topshop, Yayer, ASOS, Topshop.
bottom row: Vila at ASOS, New Look, New Look, New Look.

Navajo, aztec, boho, festival... I'm into it all. Whether it's the fringing, the detailed prints, the rustic colour palette or even the carefree attitude that comes with it, who knows? It just seems that everyone is revelling in it right now. At Yayer - they always seem to get it right, don't they? - practically any garment with the word 'aztec' or 'navajo' is sold out. Case closed.

Above is just a small selection of some of the pieces I wish I was currently wearing - the circular beaded bag and Traffic People dress are particularly wonderful. I can also picture myself wearing the sweet-arse Yayer poncho at V Festival this year. All along I've been idealising the perfect warm hoodie in a shade of burgundy or khaki, but I've clearly been wrong - this poncho is the way to go.

How do you feel about this beautifully authentic trend? Have you embraced it yet?
And what is your festival attire going to involve?

g'day mate

Monday, 9 May 2011

Tommy Ton at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week

I know - how original with the title, right? To make it worse, I have a to-do list as long as my arm and what do I do? Look at street style pictures of course.

Held at Sydney's Circular Quay, Rosemount Australian Fashion Week works like any other in its attempt to boost the careers of designers who, frankly, not many people have heard of. Stolen Girlfriends Club, Alice McCall and Zimmerman are definitely worth a look if you haven't already though.

When it comes to the fashion weeks, I like to look at street style images as much as the collections themselves as I'm sure many of you do. I can't get to grips with the sleek, perfect and seemingly dull ensembles that are forever showing up but I do have an interest in the quirky, inspiring or just plain cool looks that sneak up here and there. Above are some of my favourite outfits shot by Tommy Ton for Style.

I'm particularly fond of the Navajo prints that are slowly seeping into major popularity - for which I am very happy - and, of course, those Prada creepers. The last image struck with me too. I love the bleached denim effect, mixture of jewellery and orange nail varnish which I desperately want for myself.

Sorry for yet another picture-heavy post but sometimes you just can't decide on your favourites, can you? To see all the pictures click here.

new york city: days 5, 6 & 7

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Day 5: salmon and cream cheese bagel from Devon and Blakely Bakery on our way to the Grand Central Terminal / first ride on the subway to go downtown / Staten Island Ferry: Statue of Liberty, terrific views of Manhattan, very very windy. On the way back, the most hysterical conversation of the trip between myself, Robyn, David, Donna and our tutor Rob / a taxi ride to Parsons where I was due to meet up with my Parsons partner Maya, who was ridiculously lovely. I also watched some menswear presentations which were pretty amazing / Robyn and I decided to release our inner British geeks and went to a Harry Potter exhibition in Times Square: it was incredible and I almost almost bought a deathly hallows necklace but it was much too expensive / Bubba Gump for dinner: brilliant interior, amazing waiters, Forrest Gump quiz, yummy yummy stirfry and warm cookie with ice-cream and cream for dessert / 'treat' myself to another Sephora lipstick / Snafu, again: more pool, some coronas and mango martinis. The couple we played against at pool were c-razy.

Day 6: Designer of the Year presentations at Parsons: we interview an extra person today and I get to meet Myrtle whose collection was inspired by Angelica Houston and was extremely beautiful. I also get to interview Maya officially and she shows me her collection up close - I was particularly taken by an amazing leather jacket, a lace and leather combo top and her beautiful starling migratory print dress / after a long walk to Wholefoods, a few of us eat lunch in Central Park for the last time: ratatouille, chicken and squash curry, basmati rice, raita and yams / after some primping and pre-drinky times, everyone on the trip heads to the Hudson: my long-awaited steak (which was heavenly), another chocolate cake, some beers and our sad faces which we found to be hysterical / Snafu: Team R (Rosie, Robyn and Rob) beat Team D (David and Donna) at our last pool session, Robyn and I pose for the obligatory men's bathroom shot and my friend David dances on the bar, much to our applause!

Day 7: Robyn and I bid farewell to our beloved room / Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty had just arrived at the Met so we all went to see it - completely incredible. Seeing his collections up close is a supremely different experience to seeing them online. I was particularly taken by the fresh flowers dress and every single accessory - what a genius / Robyn and I spend the longest time in the rain in search of a cab to take us to MoMa and when we arrive, we fly around like mad people because we were very quickly running out of time: originals by Vincent Van Gogh, Andy Warhol, Matisse, Picasso and Salvador Dali / my first and last NYC meal: a $3 hot dog, which was delicious / bye bye New York!

I'm extremely lucky to have been to so many amazing places but NYC is definitely one of my favourite locations now. These posts I've done don't even do it justice and like I said before, to see more pictures you can add me on Facebook. I hope you all get the opportunity to go someday because it's bloody fantastic.