Tuesday, 13 December 2011

'sparkle & fade swing muscle tee': Urban Outfitters
'oxblood lace mini balcony and mini': Topshop
'chain ring': Accessorize
'burgundy velvet ankle legging': Topshop
'leopard maxi skirt with tasseled belt': LOVE
'silver plated brass buddha on handmade onyx bead necklace': ASOS
'fiora aztec print open knitted cardigan': Missguided
'abe round toe chelsea boots': Mr Shoes

Silly me thinking that two months in Asia would suppress my natural urges for wanting a new outfit and a fancy pair of shoes every five minutes; I came back and practically hugged my wardrobe, shoe cupboard and make-up bag. [Just like when Lorelai and Rory get back from their backpacking trip around Europe and Lorelai says "I'm gonna go take a shower and leave you alone to make out with your sock drawer" and Rory says "Close the door" and once it's closed says "Hello booooys!" - no? No Gilmore Girls fans out there?]

Upon my return I've practically been hit in the face with so many beauties that need to make it into my life - the colours, the fabrics, the shapes... come to mama! I want some lovely velvet leggings like the gorge pair above, some go-with-everything chelsea boots (Mr Shoes get it perfect once more) and some swish new underwear just because.

And while it's WAY out of my budget (i.e. £0) the buddha necklace is perfect. In Thailand, Laos and Cambodia especially, there are saffron-robed monks just casually walking down the street - my friend Gilly and I frequently 'monked out' as we called it - and numerous buddha temples that were explored nearly every day. I love some of the religion's ideals and would, therefore, feel proud to carry them around my neck.



  1. Ooh I like the undies! I bought the Missguided cardi ages ago. It's a bit ugly but a bit good at the same time, if that makes any sense!

  2. Definitely got a Gilmore Girls fan here, I think I've seen every episode! Really want some velvet leggings and love them in that colour! x

  3. hahahaha, i remember that episode! gosh, i miss gilmore girls! ;)

    i love the muscle tee! and the buddha necklace is indeed perfect! :D

    <3, Mimi
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  4. That missguided cardigan looks gorgeous and would go perfect with the velvet leggings. I can't get enough velvet atm.
    I'd imagine that travelling would stop me lusting after as much too but I can see maybe why not, it's like you have two months of pretty things to catch up on! xx

  5. that leopard print maxi is amazing! Ah yes I remember Gilmore Girls :) Hehe it's the small things.. when I came back from South America I thought right that's it I'm not buying an item of clothing over £10, but obviously it didn't last long.. xx

  6. I pretty much love everything on your wishlist! You have good taste :)


  7. Ahhh! I love everything. Especially the leopard skirt. You have great taste!

  8. The maxi skirt and Aztec cardigan would look awesome together!

  9. Gorgeous picks!! I am loving the cardigan especially!

  10. gorgeous! I love that leopard print maxi!


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