new forest getaway

Friday, 30 December 2011

So I finally got my New Forest disposable snaps developed and despite the odd dark blurry mess, I love them. There's something so beautifully unperfect about them, isn't there?

I had a wonderful week. We eat far too much, watched a lot of Gavin & Stacey, swam in the pool, went on a beautiful bike ride (see above!), had amazing spa treatments for our Christmas presents (a Madagascan full body massage followed by a facial), had the odd bevvy in the local pub and played easily-turned-aggressive games like UNO and Articulate.

It's such a beautiful place, and it furthers my desire to one day visit the Lake District.

Here's what I wore one day:

coral playsuit: H&M
black cropped jumper: H&M
paisley scarf: Primark
flower necklace: Forever 21, Florida
coat: Dorothy Perkins
black velvet gloves: H&M
black leggings: Topshop
shearling ankle boots: Mr Shoes


  1. Lovely photos, as I said before, I love your hair like this - looks so nice! <3

  2. Nice photos, disposables make things seem more charming somehow! My mum loves the New Forest, I must go some time.. xx

  3. Your photos are so lovely. It looks so magical and forests are beautiful.

  4. Sooo cute. I love how dark and special they are. sometimes film is just the best way to go!
    i love all the little animals that are on your new found forest. So cute

  5. So in love wwith the grain! Happy new years! x hivennn


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