a merry little christmas

Monday, 26 December 2011

1. me with a very festive, glittery berry J20
2. wiiiiiiiine
3. my very cute name card & christmas cracker
4. obligatory mother-and-daughter tipsy pose
5. a heavenly plate of roast dinner
6. me with the grandparents

stripey dress: Topshop (elastic waistband, nuff said!)
dangly gold ball earrings: Topshop
black tights: Boots

Here are just a few snaps from yesterday - my family and I headed to the grandparents for a lovely Christmas day filled with an extreme amount of food, drink, presents, TV and UNO. Did you all have a wonderful Christmas?

My lead-up to Christmas was equally as fab because I spent last Monday to Friday in Sandy Balls (hide your sniggers, it's a very real and serious place) in the New Forest, hence my slight absence. I'll share my photos of an eventful bike ride with beautiful views, wild horses and donkeys when I can - I went old-school and used disposable cameras so have to wait for them to develop. Oh, how quaint!


  1. I love your hair like this, you look gorgeous! Have a great new years! xo


  2. looks like you had a great christmas! you looked great:) xxx


  3. looks like you had lovely christmas ! :))

  4. Glad you had a lovely Christmas! Really like your dress, it looks so comfortable! xx

  5. Great blog...Merry Christmas!

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  6. Happy Christmas , looks like a good un! Love your new hair too, fringe ftw! :) xx

  7. Merry Christmas! Looks like you had an amazing day! Can't get over how amazing our frine is looking!! xx

  8. These are such lovely festive photographs!
    You and your family look adorable
    Hope you had a very merry christmas and enjoy the days leading up to the new year

  9. Love the bangs! The food looks friggin' amazing, as it should be this time of year. Happy holidays! :)

  10. Your hair looks lush! Glad you had a great Christmas!


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