new forest getaway

Friday, 30 December 2011

So I finally got my New Forest disposable snaps developed and despite the odd dark blurry mess, I love them. There's something so beautifully unperfect about them, isn't there?

I had a wonderful week. We eat far too much, watched a lot of Gavin & Stacey, swam in the pool, went on a beautiful bike ride (see above!), had amazing spa treatments for our Christmas presents (a Madagascan full body massage followed by a facial), had the odd bevvy in the local pub and played easily-turned-aggressive games like UNO and Articulate.

It's such a beautiful place, and it furthers my desire to one day visit the Lake District.

Here's what I wore one day:

coral playsuit: H&M
black cropped jumper: H&M
paisley scarf: Primark
flower necklace: Forever 21, Florida
coat: Dorothy Perkins
black velvet gloves: H&M
black leggings: Topshop
shearling ankle boots: Mr Shoes

beauty wishlist

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Valentina Eau De Parfum
Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Luminous Matte Lip Colour
Soap & Glory Hocus Pocus Highlighting Lotion
Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Make Up

Despite my overflowing toiletry baskets - please, remind me to show you a picture someday - I always crave something new in the beauty department. I tested out the Valentina fragrance today at work and fell in love a little, as I also have with Beyonce Pulse and Ghost Night. The other three items have been things I've wanted for a while: I've heard Double Wear is a miracle, I love a bit of highlighting AND Soap & Glory, and I feel like I'm not a woman until I own a Chanel lipstick. In a classic red, of course.

Have any beauty treats caught your eye? And are you going for a new look in the new year?
I'm definitely going to be experimenting come 2012.

flashbulb memories

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

16th November 2011
-Koh Rook, Thailand-
walking for what felt like forever to witness a beautiful sunset over the Andaman Sea

27th October 2011
-Hanoi, Vietnam-
after a historical morning checking out the Ho Chi Minh complex and the Temple of Literature, three of us head through the traffic in search of a KFC

23rd October 2011
-Luang Prabang, Laos-
just chilling out with the monks before my friend Gilly and I follow them on their morning rounds: possibly in my top three moments of the entire trip

18th November 2011
-Koh Mook, Thailand-
releasing Chinese lanterns on the beach, courtesy of our wonderful tour leader

29th November 2011
-Cameron Highlands, Malaysia-
eating the most incredible strawberry/chocolate fondue EVER at a strawberry farm after a tiring day of hiking to see the biggest flower in the world

a merry little christmas

Monday, 26 December 2011

1. me with a very festive, glittery berry J20
2. wiiiiiiiine
3. my very cute name card & christmas cracker
4. obligatory mother-and-daughter tipsy pose
5. a heavenly plate of roast dinner
6. me with the grandparents

stripey dress: Topshop (elastic waistband, nuff said!)
dangly gold ball earrings: Topshop
black tights: Boots

Here are just a few snaps from yesterday - my family and I headed to the grandparents for a lovely Christmas day filled with an extreme amount of food, drink, presents, TV and UNO. Did you all have a wonderful Christmas?

My lead-up to Christmas was equally as fab because I spent last Monday to Friday in Sandy Balls (hide your sniggers, it's a very real and serious place) in the New Forest, hence my slight absence. I'll share my photos of an eventful bike ride with beautiful views, wild horses and donkeys when I can - I went old-school and used disposable cameras so have to wait for them to develop. Oh, how quaint!


Sunday, 18 December 2011

My oh my, what a busy weekend so far! I got myself a fringe on Friday, went and tested it out at a friend's birthday night-out, went out tonight for another friend's birthday gathering (hello yummy lamb korma, followed by the pub) and I've been working on top of that. Tomorrow is work again, and then I'm packing because I'm off to the New Forest for five days with the family: so excited!

Just a quick one really to say... what do you think of the fringe?

nothing prepared me for what the privilege of being yours would do

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

winter coat: Dorothy Perkins
navy stripey jumper: Topshop
white tee: New Look
faux leather shorts: Jane Norman @ Debenhams
black tights: Boots
grey converse: Converse, NY
leopard print turban: Topshop
elephant necklace: Krabi, Thailand

gold textured ring: Siem Reap, Cambodia
nail varnishes: both Models Own

Excuse the iPhone quality. Long story short: I had to buy a new camera when I was travelling and due to my daily budget I went for the cheapest possible, which means I have a rubbish Samsung camera. It's ok in some instances but for the normal way I do my outfit posts, it wasn't having any of it this morning. Boo!

I just wanted to get a snap of me all wrapped up in my winter gear, which seems a little alien to me right now. I also wore my favourite H&M velvet gloves to deal with my freezing cold steering wheel as I drove to my best friend's university for the day. I haven't seen her in TWO MONTHS so was more than a little excited, and we had a great day catching up (not enough time...), doing a little shopping and I also got to meet some of her lovely flatmates. How has everyone else's day been?


Tuesday, 13 December 2011

'sparkle & fade swing muscle tee': Urban Outfitters
'oxblood lace mini balcony and mini': Topshop
'chain ring': Accessorize
'burgundy velvet ankle legging': Topshop
'leopard maxi skirt with tasseled belt': LOVE
'silver plated brass buddha on handmade onyx bead necklace': ASOS
'fiora aztec print open knitted cardigan': Missguided
'abe round toe chelsea boots': Mr Shoes

Silly me thinking that two months in Asia would suppress my natural urges for wanting a new outfit and a fancy pair of shoes every five minutes; I came back and practically hugged my wardrobe, shoe cupboard and make-up bag. [Just like when Lorelai and Rory get back from their backpacking trip around Europe and Lorelai says "I'm gonna go take a shower and leave you alone to make out with your sock drawer" and Rory says "Close the door" and once it's closed says "Hello booooys!" - no? No Gilmore Girls fans out there?]

Upon my return I've practically been hit in the face with so many beauties that need to make it into my life - the colours, the fabrics, the shapes... come to mama! I want some lovely velvet leggings like the gorge pair above, some go-with-everything chelsea boots (Mr Shoes get it perfect once more) and some swish new underwear just because.

And while it's WAY out of my budget (i.e. £0) the buddha necklace is perfect. In Thailand, Laos and Cambodia especially, there are saffron-robed monks just casually walking down the street - my friend Gilly and I frequently 'monked out' as we called it - and numerous buddha temples that were explored nearly every day. I love some of the religion's ideals and would, therefore, feel proud to carry them around my neck.


details of the day #10

Saturday, 10 December 2011

grey elbow-patch jumper: H&M
black heeled desert boots: Marks & Spencer
white frilly socks: Topshop
black tights: Boots
turtle necklace aka Stanley: Primark
gold dotted ring: Siem Reap, Cambodia
nail varnishes: 17 and Bourjois

wake up toasty-warm in my amazing new duvet set courtesy of mother upon my return home / orgasm over some Shreddies... seriously, no cereal for two months / spend the day uploading Asia pictures, finished watching The Kennedy's and watched a few episodes of Hart of Dixie / eat three cookies and a tuna sandwich / made yummy cheesy pasta for dinner / taxi service to my brother whose social life makes mine look horrendous / bit of X Factor, even though I only watched the first live show before I went away / oop, and Rosie's Taxis comes into play again.

A frightfully fascinating day for you all but I'm slowly getting into the swing of ordinary life once more. Definitely wishing I was back in 30+ degree heat: this chill is not nice. I had to wear a coat for crying out loud!

i'm baaaack

Did you miss me? I'm sure you all cried heaps.

It feels so surreal to be back home after two months in South East Asia but at the same time, it's like nothing has changed and I've slotted myself back into my family's everyday life. I have to question myself: did I really just do that?

Well yes, I did. And I have wonderful memories to prove it too; along with some photographic ones to share with you all. There are honestly thousands of pictures and I will certainly not be bombarding you with all of them. Above are a few of my favourites, and other posts may crop up here and there when inspiration strikes. You can always add me on Facebook if you want to see lots of them... but I haven't added many just yet. And tweet me too - my parents already think I won't shut up about my trip, so I'd be more than happy to ramble on to any questions you may have!

For now, here are two of my favourite pictures of myself:

It was the best two months of my LIFE.