a much-needed recap

Monday, 3 October 2011

button-down pink dress: Dorothy Perkins
black heeled desert booties: Marks & Spencer
floral box bag: Primark
denim jacket: H&M

This is what I wore on Friday evening to Prezzo with two wonderful work friends, Kirby and Luma. I gorged on some deliciously sickening carbonara al forno, followed by sticky toffee pudding and cream. Yum-my.

This is me and Kirby on Saturday night aaaat-on-the-taaaaan after a bloody awful day at work. As you can see, we thought we'd numb the pain. I forgot to get a decent picture of my dress and while I'm worried that it slightly washes me out (I wanted it in a dusky pink but they didn't have my size!) I think this beige lace flippy dress is super cute.

Don't you just love family pictures? This is myself, my sister and brother at the 02 to watch Lee Evans... except it got cancelled. Hence the sad-face picture at the end as we walked back to the car. We were completely gutted. My sister had travelled from Devon, it was a late Christmas present, I booked my trip around it etc etc. BUT all is not lost. We can thankfully go to the rescheduled day of next Monday - phew.

We still enjoyed our evening eating at Pizza Express, watching Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy with too much Ben & Jerry's and singing 'Hopelessly Devoted' - quite beautifully might I add - in the car on the way home at the top of our lungs. Much to the delight of my father.


  1. i love the pink dress! love the shoes with it too.

  2. the pics are so nice.i really like the dress in the first pic.
    have a nice day. :)

  3. Looks like you've had a good week. Ah so frustrating that it was cancelled! Love the first dress - very cute and love the lippy!


  4. I love your outfit- the Primark box bag is pretty lush! Boo how annoying about the cancellation, but seems like you had a good evening anyway! I really want to see Tinker Taylor.. xx

  5. Gorgeous dress, I totally want it! The style and colour make it a stand out. I also adore your bag. It reminds me of one I loved on the modcloth website recently.

  6. Looking lush, love how you and your siblings colour co-ordinated! Sorry to hear it got cancelled buy yay for rescheduling! x

  7. awww CUTE! that dress is gorgeous, you look lovely xxx

  8. Cute photos :)
    And weirdly, I was browsing M&S website the other day (for school skirts no less) when I was distracted by the shoes. They have some really nice boots there! Good to see someone's picked up on it!
    It would be mine

  9. CUTEEE photos, that pink dress is gorgeous! xx

  10. Pink looks great on you! And with the box bag and denim, it's perfect. :)

  11. Those heeled desert boots are awesome!


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