we are daydreamers

Thursday, 22 September 2011

'we are daydreamers' tee: H&M
denim shorts: H&M
orange ring: Boots
bracelet: Dorothy Perkins
tights: Boots
shearling ankle boots: c/o Mr Shoes

A last-minute thrown-together look as I am off out to catch up with the bestie for the first time in what feels like forever after a long day at work. She's cooking me dinner (tru luv), we're going to exhaust our gossip and then we're going to wander down to the yearly fair and hang out with all the sixteen year-olds. Woo!

I bought this top from H&M the other day and love it. It's a good few sizes above what I normally go for but I thought it looked better a little looser - what do you think? As for the shoes, I've wanted a pair of ankle boots with a shearling finish for yonks but never found any to suit me. I think I've finally found a match in these beauties that the lovely Tanya at Mr Shoes kindly sent me. I can't wait to wear them some more.

[EDIT: Also, people were wondering what the 17 New Black would look like on so here it is!]


  1. Love the top, I always get those sorts of tops a little baggier. Your hair is looking cool as well :) enjoy your evening! xx

  2. the colour of your lipstick is just lovely! xx

  3. oooh I like your top!


  4. Love the t shirt! You look very nice xxx

  5. aww, how sweet is your best friend?! i wish my best friend would cook for me too, it's the other way around with us, haha -- i cook/bake for all my friends. ;)

    <3, Mimi
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  6. Outfit is gorge and the boots especially :) the lipstick also looks really lovely, very dark and bold but wearable xx
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  7. Love this outfit, I spoted this top in H&M the other day and was very tempted by it. Also so jealous you can pull of this lippy! I bought a similar shade in Topshop but haven't tried it yet - too scared! xx

  8. lovely outfit, love the lipstick



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