spots & stripes

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

stripey crop top: Topshop
blue polka dot culottes: Dorothy Perkins
black crop jumper: H&M
spotty tights: Boots
rosary peace sign necklace: Dorothy Perkins
black slipper loafers: c/o Mr Shoes

It's been a bloody long day. This is what I wore to go to London today to get my Vietnam visa. I decided to have a good old mooch around too as I might as well have: I purchased some bits in H&M and Forever 21, walked along Embankment, read my Kindle in the Victoria Towers garden by the Houses of Parliament for a couple of hours, dropped into Harrods to get some lunch, and later on met up with the wonderful Robyn for dinner at Bella Italia and a catch-up session.

I'm now working six-day weeks for the next few weeks so this probably wasn't the most ideal way to spend my day off (I. Am. Knackered.) but it was fun all the same. I decided to wear in my new loafers as well, which probably wasn't the best of ideas. I chose them because I thought they had a lovely slipper-like quality to them compared to more conventional loafers. Hello Grandmother! Despite having to whack on a blister plaster, I can tell we're going to get along just swell...

Here we both are on the tube

With some leaves

In the park

And on the escalator coming home

Don't you think we look good together?!


  1. I love your outfit, and sounds like you had a great day! You and your loafers look great together! Aha xx

  2. I like the stripes and spots together it looks great and I love the little photo shoot of your shoes first adventure.

  3. Hehe, like the travelling shoes photos! The shoes are adorable!

  4. I love that cropped jumper! And those shoes are lovely :) xxx

  5. Cute outfit and shoes are do niceeee! xx

  6. Haha you look like you were meant to be together ;) Lovely outfit, especially the polka dot culottes! xx

  7. I think you may have found your perfect partner in life ;)

  8. Wow sounds like a gorgeous little adventure :) adore the tights + the top - SO CUTE! :) shoes are amazing tooo!


  9. those loafers are perfect, i adore them! really love your outfit too, you look so cute. i want some culottes! xx

  10. HA, I love this post. I think you and the shoes are perfect for each other (MFEO! HA remember that?) looks like you had a nice little day together too. xx

  11. Yayyy the pictures of your shoes are so cute - love it! Was amazing to see you again, sorry if I was a tired mess however. x

  12. Beautiful shoes :) I love your outfits. :) It's perfect for the season!


  13. Have fun in Vietnam! That sounds amazing. I love the photo of your shoes with the leaves. :)

  14. Amazing outfit, you look so good in these pictures, I love your skirt and that blouse is perfect, the perfect touch and your stockings rock, you are really beautiful! You have a lovely blog and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic


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