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Thursday, 8 September 2011

After a spot of lunch with my grandparents today in a local town (I hadn't seen them in forever so they treated me to a massive club sandwich with homemade coleslaw and salad, followed by the most delicious scone!) we had a little wander around and I discovered a shop I'd never been in before, despite working in Maldon for nearly five years. It was one of those adorable gift/trinket shops that you forget the name of instantly.

I picked up this cute little purse, which I thought would be perfect for my upcoming travels, and this glass jar with a rusty violet stopper and base. It certainly didn't need to be bought - especially as I keep moaning about my lack of money! - but I can just picture it on a windowsill in my future home.

When that will be I have no idea.

Has anyone else stumbled across any trinkets that they just had to buy recently?


  1. Mmm sounds like a yummmy lunch. Love the little glass jar.. I buy little things like that quite often too- tea cups, vases, little picture frames..xo

  2. The glass jar is lovely, I love picking up bits and bobs like that! Haven't been on a good hunt for trinkets in ages though.
    When are you off travelling? So jealous!! x

  3. These are both super cute and definitely worth buyers guilt :P xx

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  4. a massive club sandwich sounds so good right now! :) and nope, i haven't seen any trinkets that i really liked lately...

    <3, Mimi
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  5. Trinkets are my downfall! I can't help but wanna buy small things that are cute and interesting. They get me every time. ;) I can definitely see that jar on my window sill as well, haha. ;)

  6. This glass jar is so lovely. :)
    Maybe you could fill it with dried flowers!


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