stanley & friends

Thursday, 29 September 2011

black & white swallow clutch bag: £8
mini floral suitcase satchel: £4
stripey jumper: £10
turtle necklace aka Stanley: £3
all Primark

Two box bags have made it into my life. Finally. I've wanted a new 'going out' bag for ages and thought this little monster was adorable and the perfect size. As for the mini suitcase, it's exactly what I've been looking for and it was in the sale, which was an added bonus. I also knew I'd own this jumper as soon as Heather showed it in her recent haul video - it's super comfy and is longer at the back, which I really love.

I could have bought so much more in there too but I'm limiting myself. Go Primark!

And that's Stanley the turtle. Isn't he wonderful? Oh, and Smurfette. I had to make sure she snuck into at least one blog picture otherwise the person who won it for me at a local fair last weekend (hi Daniel!) would not be very happy.

details of the day #9

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

camel & black stripe tee: H&M
peace sign rosary necklace: Dorothy Perkins
mini floral satchel: Cath Kidston
black lace booties: River Island
nails: Tangerine Queen, Models Own

a dangerously foggy drive to work / a typically mundane day at work where I constantly thought 'hometime please!' / an evening shopping spree with my wonderful friend Kirby: dinner at Ed's Diner (hello yummy burger and fries) and a blitz of Primark and H&M for a going-out outfit for this weekend where we'll both be enjoying our last night out together before I sod off to Asia for two months.

Done. Not a particularly interesting DOTD post I realise, but I had a lovely evening all the same. Will definitely be posting my Primark purchases shortly because I'm in love with them. I hope everyone is just as glad as I am that hump day is here. How did you spend yours?

gimme gimme gimme

Sunday, 25 September 2011

allegra chelsea platform boots in green: Topshop
lace panel pleat tunic: Topshop
deathly hallows pendant: PandaEyesPendants at Etsy
black bandage tights: Miss Selfridge
mobee double buckle brothel creeper: Topshop
cosmos jumper: Miss Selfridge
black spot anklet tights: JA by Jonathan Aston at Boots
grey rabbit t-shirt: H! by Henry Holland at Debenhams

It's annoyingly typical that when you have no money and have the I-can't-buy-anything-unless-it's-coming-with-me-to-Asia rule that you fall in love with the high street. Topshop especially has me pining lately, and I find myself wanting something in every shop.

I'm imagining a million different ways I could incorporate the above pieces into my wardrobe. They'd suit me just lovely thanks. What's your favourite?

we are daydreamers

Thursday, 22 September 2011

'we are daydreamers' tee: H&M
denim shorts: H&M
orange ring: Boots
bracelet: Dorothy Perkins
tights: Boots
shearling ankle boots: c/o Mr Shoes

A last-minute thrown-together look as I am off out to catch up with the bestie for the first time in what feels like forever after a long day at work. She's cooking me dinner (tru luv), we're going to exhaust our gossip and then we're going to wander down to the yearly fair and hang out with all the sixteen year-olds. Woo!

I bought this top from H&M the other day and love it. It's a good few sizes above what I normally go for but I thought it looked better a little looser - what do you think? As for the shoes, I've wanted a pair of ankle boots with a shearling finish for yonks but never found any to suit me. I think I've finally found a match in these beauties that the lovely Tanya at Mr Shoes kindly sent me. I can't wait to wear them some more.

[EDIT: Also, people were wondering what the 17 New Black would look like on so here it is!]

colour me quick

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Louise Gray SS12

I don't intend on posting about every SS12 collection I've liked so far this year (oh hiiii Christopher Kane, Erdem, Topshop Unique and House of Holland) but Louise Gray always knows how to put a smile on my face, and I felt that some detailed shots just had to be shared.

As ever, the collection was a mash-up of colour and pattern combinations. The firework-esque sarong, pastel-hued jackets and plastic platform plaited (phew!) sandals won me over, as did the ever-interesting big hair and colourful make-up.

"It's a mentality," said Gray. "Everything matches if you like it." And I certainly do. Do you?

you're gonna love me, like nobody's loved me, come rain or come shine

Monday, 19 September 2011

Mulberry SS12

Come rain or shine, Emma Hill's got you sorted with Mulberry next Spring/Summer. Sweet and fresh were the beautifully sheer maxi skirts, as were the luxe sports shorts (hello!) and shirt combos in stand-out colours of peach, pastel yellow and khaki. A satirical nod to April showers - shiny raincoats, protected legs, dog coats... even big frizzy hair? - keeps the collection realistic and completely wearable. If I had the money that is...

[EDIT: and yes, I realise it's meant to be all about the accessories. But I yearn to be different, clearly.]

who could say no?

Friday, 16 September 2011

Despite my very unhappy bank balance, I still need to buy things for my upcoming SE Asia trip. Or at least that's what I'm telling myself. Boots currently have loads of offers on - one being the 3for2 across make-up, accessories, nail stuff and eyelashes which I abused today. I needed a small brush to take, some powder (as I won't be taking any liquid foundation; kill me!) and some sponges are always good. Thanks to my No7 voucher I ended up only paying for the 17 brush, which, with discount, was only £2.55. Boom. Even I can stretch to that. Oh, and then a pretty cheapo make-up purse to put it all in of course.

And a few weeks back, just like everybody else it seems, I purchased some Models Own nail varnishes when they had their fancy offer on. With the help of Heather from effiesmakeupbox, I chose three neon colours (Aciiied, Tangerine Queen and Pink Punch) and then decided to get the Dorothy-esque Scarlet Sparkle because Disco Mix had run out at the time. Boo. I'm ever-so-happy with my choices though and have received numerous comments at work from customers, which is always nice.

And here are some recently-bought lipsticks: Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate (as in Moss) in 05, 17 Lasting Fix in Hot Chilli and 17 Lasting Fix in New Black. Love them all immensely.

Anybody else bagged any beauty bargains recently?

spots & stripes

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

stripey crop top: Topshop
blue polka dot culottes: Dorothy Perkins
black crop jumper: H&M
spotty tights: Boots
rosary peace sign necklace: Dorothy Perkins
black slipper loafers: c/o Mr Shoes

It's been a bloody long day. This is what I wore to go to London today to get my Vietnam visa. I decided to have a good old mooch around too as I might as well have: I purchased some bits in H&M and Forever 21, walked along Embankment, read my Kindle in the Victoria Towers garden by the Houses of Parliament for a couple of hours, dropped into Harrods to get some lunch, and later on met up with the wonderful Robyn for dinner at Bella Italia and a catch-up session.

I'm now working six-day weeks for the next few weeks so this probably wasn't the most ideal way to spend my day off (I. Am. Knackered.) but it was fun all the same. I decided to wear in my new loafers as well, which probably wasn't the best of ideas. I chose them because I thought they had a lovely slipper-like quality to them compared to more conventional loafers. Hello Grandmother! Despite having to whack on a blister plaster, I can tell we're going to get along just swell...

Here we both are on the tube

With some leaves

In the park

And on the escalator coming home

Don't you think we look good together?!

like a wedge in my heart

Sunday, 11 September 2011

mustard chiffon dress: H&M
black suede belt: Dorothy Perkins
black suede wedges: c/o Mr Shoes

The last weekend has been a bit manic. Busy busy busy.

It was spent in London with some of my friends, and we were supposed to be going to Ministry of Sound but it completely fell through - long story - and we were gutted. We ended up in Sway in Covent Garden where we devoured a delicious three-course meal, enjoyed some stand-up comedy and had a little boogie in the club too. The place was interesting to say the least.

Keeping me smiling all night, however, were my very content feet. You all know how much I absolutely loved my recently-purchased leopard print wedges, so I was over-the-moon when Mr Shoes sent me a wonderful black pair that I plan to wear with everything - seriously, they've already been paired with my pyjamas in bed. Their wedges are honestly pain-free, and are therefore a must for me on a night out. And as a bit of a short-arse, their height is fabulous too.

Has anyone else ever slipped on a pair of Mr Shoes heaven?

P.S. You can get 10% off any pair of Mr Shoes heels for the rest of the night if you're quick!
P.P.S. I haven't moved into some swanky new apartment. It was only ours for the night.

just some trinkets

Thursday, 8 September 2011

After a spot of lunch with my grandparents today in a local town (I hadn't seen them in forever so they treated me to a massive club sandwich with homemade coleslaw and salad, followed by the most delicious scone!) we had a little wander around and I discovered a shop I'd never been in before, despite working in Maldon for nearly five years. It was one of those adorable gift/trinket shops that you forget the name of instantly.

I picked up this cute little purse, which I thought would be perfect for my upcoming travels, and this glass jar with a rusty violet stopper and base. It certainly didn't need to be bought - especially as I keep moaning about my lack of money! - but I can just picture it on a windowsill in my future home.

When that will be I have no idea.

Has anyone else stumbled across any trinkets that they just had to buy recently?

brownstock, baby

Monday, 5 September 2011

The last weekend was spent at the wonderful Brownstock Festival with my bestie Charlee and a whole host of other amazing people. So many photographs taken have me crying into my keyboard at the sight of them so these are probably the best of the bunch! Apart from generally messing about, slurping on wine and cider, eating too much pizza and having a good ol' boogie, the highlight was most definitely Example who stole the whole weekend.

i was broken

Friday, 2 September 2011

I found this about ten minutes ago and immediately wanted to share it with you all.
This video is going to find itself on repeat for a very long time I feel.

Marcus Foster's debut album will be released on the 26th September. And I cannot wait.

oh hey there

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Soon to be off on my travels, I will be missing out on two months of the UK's autumn/winter - tragic, eh? Despite this, everyone else's constant babble about their upcoming winter wardrobes and the prospect of snow has me all kinds of excited about burgundy hues, fur and shoe boots.

While I can't justify the need for a new coat - #moneyproblems #imleavingonajetplane - I spotted this absolute stunner in Topshop yesterday. It's beautiful, right? A part of me is constantly crying at the fact that this will never be mine.

What style of winter coat has won you over this year?